america number one is a lie    2002-10-04 11:04:09 ET
things to do:

dishes, write song in reason, catch up with some friends, watch the game, go see seabound tomorrow night

hey, does anyone have the new covenant album?
if so, how is it?

also: assemblage 23 is coming to new york soon. gotta see that. holy synthpop batman! been listening to alot of it. what's wrong with me??? i used to be hardcore. i used to laugh at people who listened to synthpop. now i am one of them. oh, the shame. but then again, i listen to bands like fiendflug or waldgeist these days and it sounds like wanna be, watered down calva y nada. now that was repetitive and obnoxious! i guess i don't listen to listen to make a statement. i listen to music cause i like it. not to be different. not to be 'underground'. or cool. or to find acceptance within a group. or to shun the popular. frankly, i am too old for it. my mind has become more sponge-like. absorbing everything. you only live once...why limit yourself? or the experiences you allow yourself to have?
also: hocico and haujobb for CMJ. sometime in october i believe. saw haujobb eralier this year...not sure if i'm ready for a repeat performance...especially on a small stage. and i have a grand total of -one- hocico track. who knows if they are any good?


 cubicle city    2002-10-02 05:08:52 ET
ahh, my last day at DK for this week. helpimg out with their spring catalog and whatnot. cubicles are death! coincidentally, i was reading dilbert last night before going to bed. not much to report at all this week. i uploaded a pic of the brooklyn bridge which i took on monday. for those who don't know, i am a yankee fan so i am glad they won last night in their playoff game against anaheim. trying to finesse my funds so that i won't be flat broke for new orleans. that would totally blow. anyway, i hope all of you are doing great. toodles.

 taken    2002-09-30 10:44:10 ET
syracuse was fun. also: 6 blocks in syracuse is not the same as 6 blocks in nyc. took me an hour to walk both ways. i was almost assaulted by a skunk of all things. appartly, the party was a huge success. i am sorry that i missed it. seabound is playing this saturday at batcave so i'll be there to check it out. i am crazy tired. got about a total of 6 hours sleep in two nights. and didn't get much last night either. too old for this shit. everyone have a fine week...i am out.

 when harry met    2002-09-26 05:41:33 ET
um certain people in portland suck my ass. the ny crew are an interesting lot. i can tell that they all have good hearts and that is what is important. went to harry's burritos which was 'close' to justines work. i personally wouldn't have used to word 'close' myself but then doktor242 will probably yell at me if he reads this. (it was his idea) anyway, i called it an early night. but it was a pleasure hanging out with insomnia, death by design, doktor242, biomechanic and storm (who i met for the first time) next time will hopefully be better because the circumstances will be different. time to go sit on my ass and 'work'

 wreath of barbs    2002-09-25 06:00:06 ET
wowzers. i am hung over. got together with matt and colin last night at bar 61. had a few beers. gave a copy of reason to matt to play around with. we talked shop mostly, and about ICBM..the industrial cover band we are working on. i have been assigned to make the backing track to join in the chant by nitzer ebb. should be interesting. after the bar, we went to colin's and had some absinthe. now, it is good me nice and fucked... but there is no hangover worse than an absinthe one. i feel dizzy.

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