not an election post    2004-11-03 12:41:06 ET
anyone going to see laibach in nyc this saturday?

or puppy in jersey (on same said saturday)

not sure what i should do...i guess it depends on when i get my car back from the body shop. nyc is so much closer, and my roomate can drive my inebriated ass home.

in other news, my wrist aches constantly now. damn you carpel tunnel

in other-even more interesting-news: i need a haircut.

p.s. are british people generally racist towards asians? just out of curiosity...
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 i'm breaking my back just to know your name    2004-11-02 15:06:37 ET
get this song!

somebody told me by the killers

great hook

also checked out the new mortiis cd (the grudge)...its ok

sounds like das ich and KMFDM had a baby

 indian food is good    2004-11-01 15:09:42 ET
so the weekend was a blast. just like old times. went down to jersey and hit the pregame on friday at jarv's. it was a tight one, i must say. we hid half the liquor from chris. teehee, sneaky sneaky. unfortunately, the club was dead. but fun was had by all.

saturday, we wake up and go check out SAW. good clean fun. you should watch it.
back to the studio to track 'as heaven burns' came out pretty tight, mixdowns to come.

then the usual pregame antics. the highlight: don going to q's as jarv's mom, dress and sunhat included. funny as hell. good night at q's, pretty packed. then back to the house for a post-game. woke up sunday and lounged around watching DAWN OF THE DEAD. good times.

now my ill 2 weeks of work looms ahead. i can't wait til it's over. i need a vacation very very badly.

 but at least he's got pants on    2004-10-19 14:32:55 ET
wow, i have really been out of the SK loop. so little time for myself these days, sadly. well i guess i can say that i am a recovering SK addict.

work has been tough lately - being part of a start-up is long hours. i hope it pays off, but who knows. anyway, its more exciting than cranking out the same BS i was at my previous job.

we're starting to gear up for the new symbiotic full-length. i have to say - to anyone who cares - its totally gonna blow away our EP. i mean, this is gonna blow up huge. (or so that is my hope ^_^) i'm very lucky to be working with such talent. been beginning to write again, here's a little teaser on a song called 'voices' we have coming out.

silent screams, no one left to hear
restless and awake, alone i lay
all i want is for you to be near
i wont beg but i need you to stay

i try to speak—there's too much left to say
(we make our own mistakes)
my eyes are closed—the visions fade away
(its us we forsake)
deep inside me—regrets are here to stay
(we make our own mistakes)
as i come close—the voices slip away
(its us we forsake)

thats it for now - take care kids

 symbiotic at batcave    2004-09-28 13:26:21 ET
hey all you SK freeks

my band is gonna rock the batcave this saturday so come on out!

more info:

see you all there ^_^

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