symbiotic in philly!    2004-08-27 06:22:09 ET
hi everyone, just wanted to post about a show we have coming up

saturday (8/28) at tribecca nightclub.

doors are at 9 and we'll be taking the stage at 11pm sharp!

be there!!!!

 hey everyone    2004-07-13 07:57:18 ET
i'm not dead. i have merely been busy. how is everyone doing?

 busy busy    2004-06-04 11:27:04 ET
hello all. er...i mean bio. since you are the only one who still reads this crap journal i am keeping here. i find i don't have much time to update much. plus i have been falling behind in keeping track of all of my friends on here. i'm sorry! i wish i could just do without sleep. its the only way for me to do everything i want to. anyway, not much to report at all. i must make the mini-cooper my number one priority. i need a car!

 black and blue    2004-05-20 15:56:53 ET
anyone going out to the black and blue ball tonight?

 subspace    2004-05-05 13:58:43 ET
well, lets see. this week will suck big time. work is killing me.
last friday i worked until 5:30 AM. came home slept all day. then out to BC. that was kinda fun. especially because jarv and chris ended up coming out. then woke up mad early to get to the yankee game. we had sweet seats, 3 rows from the field. got a sunburn. its starting to peel, so i look really nasty, like i have sort of skin defect.
monday, i went shopping. finally! kenneth cole has some nice pants! so i bought 2 pairs. also a shirt. and some socks. that was my clothing budget for the month....
how is everyone else doing?

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