so tired...    2004-03-10 15:28:07 ET
[mood | tired]
[music | i find you're gone - wolfsheim]

work has been nuts recently. they hired 2 assistants for me...which ironically produces more work for ME. this irritates me. this combined with my commute leaves me very little free time.

am reading 'the alienist' by caleb carr. good shit.

i have no idea how i am going to play a show this sunday...i am completely unpreapared.

the g4 laptop is so sa-weet. i am feeling it. literally, i can't keep my hands off of it. it is so sexy...who needs women?

speaking of which, anyone going to wolfsheim?

 the return    2004-03-08 15:40:13 ET

 ARG    2004-02-26 10:45:17 ET
my laptop is DOWN. this will mean a couple of things. no brain for our shows. no AIM. nothing from home at all. please excuse my absence until i get something for home. grrr. i will not be able to keep current on SK.

 a different story    2004-02-12 11:46:36 ET
once again i have no date for Vday.

gonna meat up with aeden after work for drinks. and maybe vince also.

i might also hit a party up in staten island on friday...but we shall see.
still anxious about taxes. (o_0)

 isn't kudos a candy bar?    2004-02-09 11:27:36 ET
what a day, what a day

anyway, friday, i hung out with chrissie and kathy at the mountain. then went bar hopping (with the TM crew) in soho until very late. came home and passed out.
dropped off my tax forms to the accountant. we'll see what happens. -crosses fingers-

saturday night was the usual debauchery at batcave. it was kaliss's birthday so i hung out with him and the NJ crew for most of the night. got a ride home from joe and listened to tunes until i passed out.

sunday was a mixture of napping and sitting online. my PS2 is mysteriously not working. gah! went to bed super early to rest up for work.

the symbiotic remix of the life cried single 'stale' rips. kudos to jarv and chris. we got offered a gig for contempt live on march 23rd. we may or may not be doing it...based on jarv and kaliss' schedules. a good day to all of my SK peeps.

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