after all    2004-02-06 09:08:18 ET
here is a post for just you sk people. i may have found a sk wife. go me!

in other news. the new seabound album is disappointing thus far. i never felt the same about them after i saw them live in new york. talk about your boring show. snooze

i am rediscovering my fondness for echo and the bunnymen.


 i stand alone    2004-02-03 08:40:42 ET
[mood | scared]
[music | the mercy seat - johnny cash]

well, tomorrow is the big day. off to the tax man to see if they want my firstborn or just a pound of flesh.

oh weekend report: friday i hit the mountain with chrissie it's been awhile since i did that. fun times. stayed way too long. so tired.

saturday: out to central islip for kate's birthday party. it was good clean wholesome fun. then back to the city for some debauchery at batcave. had myself a great time because the jersey crew came out in force. also, joe gave a me the new seabound album.

sunday: out to jersey for the photoshoot. i have no idea how the pics came out...and i am beyond caring. i'd be surprised if they sold one copy of this comp. but on the other hand, the final mixdown of 'wake of destruction' will be uber hot. so at least the song will be good. thats way better than having a good band photo, right? rocked the diner chill with the boys and got back just in time to see carolina tie up the superbowl. too bad they ended up blowing it in the last minute.

johnny cash did a cover of a nick cave song. what is the world coming to?

oh! if anyone has the new massiv in mensch album, burn me a copy! i'll be yor friend!

 my life is just one big cliche    2004-01-30 06:29:52 ET
[mood | cold]
[music | lovesong - the cure]

gotta jet out to q's tonight. normally i wouldnt go, but we are supposed to be taking band pics for the europen comp. i gotta get back to nyc tonight that i can wake up early enough to go to kate's birthday party. after which i should be at BC...around 12 or 1.

in other news, i am stressed about taxes. being a freelancer sucks sometimes. especially at tax time! grrr.
not much else to report - i'll see anyne who heads out to q's tonight. hey jarv...if you read this...bring the final mixdown of 'wake of destruction' with you.

     2004-01-27 10:39:19 ET
[mood | cold]
[music | i still feel - martina topley-bird]

friday night i went to the mountain. stayed until 5am, drank a bit and hung out with aeden. it was good times. oh, before then i bought some new pants and a pullover. i needed some work clothes.

saturday, i head out to jersey -tired as hell- we tracked vox to 'wake of destruction' which is going on a compilation in europe. we had a great time doing it and it came out much stronger than i anticipated. good solid thumpin electro. should be tearing up dancefloors everywhere soon - i hope.

after that went with chris to qxt's for about an hour to pre-game. then off to batcave. it took longer to find parking than it took to drive there. it was good times. had a few drinks...i was doing fine until i helped kill a joint. that rocked my world. i could barely stand up straight. took a cab home after i got lured out early for these mysterious burgers which never materialized. damn you chris!

sunday was spent recuperating and laundry. which needs folding. grrr.

     2004-01-23 09:18:38 ET
[mood | exhausted]
[music | get free - the vines]

last night i dreamt of a snake that would not die.

it reminds me of how sexual the story of adam and eve is....forbidden fruit, tempted by a snake, expelled from paradise. thats how it goes, i guess. original sin is a by-product of evolution, of millions of years of less than noble genes being passed on. just think about it. who's more likely to pass their genes to the next generation? the good and the noble? or the lying, cheating, backstabber? multiply a million times. that's our legacy -our curse-

but with knowledge comes responsibility. lets not be ruled by our basest instincts.

this has been the longest, coldest week ever. bring on the weekend. anyone wanna rock a bar with me tonight? i'm going to the mountain.

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