strange affection    2004-04-28 14:37:51 ET
wow, its been awhile. i've kept myself absurdly busy with pernicious activities. well, not really, but i've been busy none-the-less. since the last post, we had another show at traxx lounge. a good show and a good turn out for a sunday. i was at the bar ordering a drink when i realized that we were doing an encore. oops.

bought girl scout cookies...the girl scouts run the biggest extortion racket in the states. trefoils and do-si-dos. who comes up with these silly cookie names?

been too busy even for my beloved softball tuesdays. still at work. i wanna go shopping this weekend. i need stuff. like clothes...socks, pants, work clothes, going out clothes...etc.

also, been eyeing the MINI-COOPER. i must have.
have't been able to rock FFXI online as much as i'd like. i don't spend enough time at home...

also, i need female companionship. i'm just too lazy to make it happen. i still remember that females are generally evil. but they generally look good being evil. and the more attracted i am to them, the more screwed up they seem to be. what's up with that?

 symbiotic live    2004-04-03 03:54:38 ET
hey all

SYMBIOTIC will be appearing at batcave on saturday april 10
we'll take the stage at 10:30pm

be there!

 i'm in love    2004-03-24 12:28:06 ET


 so tired    2004-03-23 13:47:35 ET
well another late day at deadlines loom closer and closer.

been reading 'moneyball' interesting so far, but i wouldn't recommend it to anyone who isn't a baseball fan.

wolfsheim isn't looking too good right now. too tapped out and too tired. i wanna go to bed already. feeling mighty grouchy.

tomorrow will be an ill day. wish me luck...

 ramen noodles    2004-03-17 15:18:18 ET
my good friends matt and renee had another baby girl. born yesterday. a plump one: 9 lbs 12 oz. amelia elizabeth collins. imma go visit her this weekend.

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