somewhere i belong    2003-12-22 05:14:59 ET
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | symphony no. 40 in G - mozart ]

where to begin? well, friday i rolled out to q's to see the jersey crew...and tom n missy. that was mad fun. tho i dont remember the end of the night too well, i heard there were hilarious antics from deathcondition. also i was drunkenly silly at the diner. the next day i felt absolutely toxic. came back to nyc and chilled before going out to batcave. anyway, the night started out dead...i mean tumbleweed style. but it picked up around 1am. then it was suddenly packed. one extreme to another. the highlight was the spinning of 'devil with the green eyes'...i think it may be in regular rotation. i was also aggressively pursued by this one woman...what do you guys think, should i call her? it was her birthday and she was fairly inebreiated...and there is no guarantee that she would even remember me. oh, happy birthday to mike the end of the night was tight as joe spun an excellent synthpop set in the back room. also met stillbjorn. home to rack...and then i made it out to colin's party out in the fort lee area. i'm glad i went...but it was torture getting there...mostly due to my stupidity. but anyway, good times, especially when the jersey crew showed up out of nowhere. nice...and that's after i had left and came back cause i missed the bus. the fates rewarded me for the horrible journey out by hooking me up later. got home late and didnt get enough sleep. but it was a good weekend.

 song of the month    2003-12-19 05:19:14 ET
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | butterfly caught [paul daley remix] - massive attack ]

song of the month for december
butterfly caught [paul daley remix] - massive attack
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 new pics    2003-12-18 06:34:35 ET
go check out the new pics from our last 2 shows


 i am just your temporary toy    2003-12-17 06:08:56 ET
[ mood | thirsty ]
[ music | the best of you - float ]

so the philly show went better than i expected. not much to report, i screwed up the new track (a moment in time) off of the lyric sheet while on stage. hehe. also, blew one line in chemical...but overall, it was fun. we may have enough loot to think about getting some shirts printed up. woohoo! have to give props to all of my boys which made it possible...jarv, kaliss, don and chris.
the days since have been filled with work. and game boy advanced. i'm hooked on final fantasy tactics. its a good diversion while i commute to work. hmm...going to hartford on friday to visit a friend...should be back for batcave. havent been in so long! i miss all my batcave friends. have to go christmas shopping now. ugh. no use procrastinating...better get to it.

 grrrr    2003-12-07 11:52:49 ET
what a horrible weekend for me. my weekend getaway to virginia was cancelled due to the blizzard. sat at the airport for 4 hours on friday. didnt even make it to the airport on saturday...since i checked the us airways site and discovered that the flight out was cancelled. then the magnetic strip on my atm card ripped as i tried to get cash to go out on saturday. so no batcave for me. sitting at home, broke until monday. i did catch 'the last samurai' good flick. i sat there with a lump in my throat for 2 hours...nothing chokes me up more than men riding senselessly to their deaths. but well done nonetheless. trying to fight my way through chaos legion. my hand is cramped from all the button mashing. finished quicksilver awhile back. i recommend this and any and all neal stephenson books. the only one of his i havent read is zodiac. i dont mind the snow and cold. its the wind that sucks. wind...please go away.

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