one down    2003-12-01 05:11:49 ET
Current mood: blah
Current music: 6 underground - sneaker pimps

who hates mondays? i do, i do! anyway, the past weekend was difficult to get through. the family got together for thanksgiving...and i had to fend off the inevitable questions about when i am getting married again. they speak as if willing girls are lined up waiting for a chance and all i have to do is to pick one. ha! nothing could be further from the truth. i am having enough trouble finding one i can get along with and who is compatible with my brutal schedule.

i slept almost all day thursday, friday and sunday. saturday, i trekked out to jersey for our show in trenton. i was pleasantly surprised, we played in front of about 80-90 heads which was much more than i was expecting. again we were caught off guard and didnt bring any cds. it seems, despite our best efforts, we are still gaining in popularity. which is surprising since we have done next to nothing to promote ourselves. if you missed us in trenton, then check us out in philly. go to our site for more info.

as for the show, it wasnt our best effort, but still solid. the sound at conduit is very that made up for alot...and considering we got NO SOUND CHECK, it went as well as we could have hoped. the guys from croc shop are extremely nice was a pleasure chatting with them before and after our set. mick even recognized me from my old glory days with neuroplague. afterwards, we get paid and bounce to q's. on the way back, i was in the car with chris and of course we get pulled over. FUCK! anyway, long story short, he got off pretty easy...i just had to drive away because he found out that his lisence was suspended. good thing i wasnt totally trashed and was able to drive for a few miles before switching back. funny shit. oh and a big shout out to lenny who drove bio and myself to brooklyn after q's. thanks bro, that was huge.

another week looms ahead...a trip to virginia coming up this weekend.

 sick of myself    2003-11-24 07:57:02 ET
[ mood | quixotic ]
[ music | sick of myself - matthew sweet ]

feeling a bit better after the weekend. -return to center- how very zen of me...

friday night, after work, i ran down to smash studios to drop off some books and cd's to matt who is designing the hylas website. then down to the mountain to give reason 2.0 to my bro. i heard some of his new beats, they are pure gold. im proud of him, hes gonna make something of himself in the music biz. at least one of us has talent in the field! home for a bit to change, then back out to contempt. thankfully, they fixed the ailing sub-woofer so the sound was noticeably better this time around. they played some old school joints i hadnt heard in forever.

saturday night was fun, my last batcave night for 3 weeks. this coming week is our show in trenton with croc shop. not that fired up for this show yet, but i suppose i'll feel better about it the day of the show. i'll have to rehearse sometime this week. but anyway, getting back to the night, i was unusually outgoing, introducing myself to several people. certain people must think that i am horribly snobbish, when in fact, i am just shy and slow to make friends. did a good amount of dancing and socializing. i never have much to say in clubs, i find small-talk extremely exhausting. but in good news, ian spun 'devil with the green eyes' mixed it straight up from 'timekiller' which is cool. then later on, joe spun 'last emotion' good shit. anyway, the site is updated with info for our philly show, go check it out!

this week is already hellish. i hate thanksgiving.

 i thought you were special    2003-11-17 08:38:47 ET
[ mood | restless ]
[ music | sleep-conjure one ]

here is my weekly post for the 2 of you who actually bothers to read this crap. firstly, we got offered a last-minute gig to open for crocidile shop at conduit. we reluctantly agreed. so for anyone in the area, we'll be appearing saturday, november 29th at conduit in trenton, NJ. i have no details on doors or times, i'll post them when i find out more. also, we have a show 2 weeks after that at revolution in philly. not much info for that show yet, but i know the cover is $5. it will be our very first philly show as symbiotic. so all you philly peeps turn out and support us!
the past weekend was good, went out to one world : one sky friday night. it was refreshing to NOT hear the same songs that i hear everywhere else. i recognized maybe 1 song an hour which is pretty good if you are in the mood for something a bit different. left around 3:30ish. came home and sat online for a bit then time to sleep. saturday was pretty much a waste of a day...did nothing all day. the usual saturday night excursion to you know where. i was a bit down all night - but i was determined to have fun damnit! i just needed a little push...sometimes that push can only come from within..and from several beverages.
sunday was again a total waste, i could barely gather the energy to roll out of bed. found out a friends step dad died, that was a bummer. couldnt make the wake unfortunately, but i'll send a card. in other news, have been reading 'quicksilver' by neal stephenson. so far so good...excellent, in truth. ok, time to get back to work.

 looks like a job for me    2003-11-10 08:20:45 ET
[ mood | moody ]
[ music | without me-eminem ]

after a LONG week of hectic work, i had an opportunity to relax for once. friday night, i head out to qxt's...stopping by prusiks to pregame. it wasnt much of a pregame, actually. not much to report, q's is q's. got home and passed out in all of my clothes...i was so tired. wake up in the afternoon sometime on saturday. feeling lazy and unproductive. the recording session to track 'wake of destruction' fell through. too bad, really. i was looking forward to banging the song out. head out to batcave in time to catch the entire e-craft set. they were as energetic as always...decent show. better than when they were here last year. got my dance was packed then mysteriously around 3...everyone left. sunday was spent recuperating from the partying...caught matrix revolutions. the eye candy was visually stunning...but the plot left me scratching my head. i must have missed a big plot point at some time or another. back to work. this coming into the office 3 times a week is really cramping my style. as if i need to spend 5 hours a day commuting. supposedly, jarv has a hot new track for me to write lyrics to. jarv, if you read this...give me a call!

 why cant we go back?    2003-11-04 09:27:53 ET
[ mood | rushed ]
[ music | why cant we go back-dj decisive ]

since the last post...hmmm. 95% of my life is work related. not even worth going into...lets just say i am one busy bee. halloween was a total wash for me, too much work. managed to make it out saturday for batcave...hung out with the NJ crew most of the night. everything was fine until i left to get a cab...then blam, i get hit by a SUV. the bastards didnt even stop. still feel like shit from it...a dull ache in my torso. more work now...gotta get back to it. i've been utterly boring the past 2 months. sigh.

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