into my arms    2003-10-28 11:38:01 ET
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | into my arms-nick cave ]

gotta keep this post short. the weekend saw my dear cousin karen getting married. i dreaded what i thought was going to be a catholic wedding. the ceremony ended up being only thirty minutes long which was fantastic. the we had a 3 hour wait until the reception....which was held at wayne manor. which is funny considering that i went to the batcave later in the evening. sorry, a bit of geek humor there. then non-stop work ever since.
symbiotic plays philly december 13th! be prepared. more details to follow

 the autoban    2003-10-22 08:10:56 ET
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | fifty-fifty clown ]

havent posted in awhile...been crazy busy the past few days...hmm, lets see. lets pick up from friday. got a call from cambria and angie on friday...they are in from LA to hang out. they come over and hang out while i finish up some work at home. then we head out to contempt at remote lounge. the venue was a voyeurs dream...but the sound system was wack! no sub-woofers meant fisher price sound. anyway, the best thing about the venue was the hundreds of cameras that were everywhere and the consoles they had set could take control of a camera and look around, flip through the different cameras and talk to ther people via phone. pretty cool idea.
worked all day saturday...what a rough day. then rolled out to batcave pretty late. had some fun, then rocked 7A with joe, ellie, and rachel. home to rack. sunday was even more work...went to bed around 3am. sick! anyway, speaking of sick..i may be coming down woth something. went to the office yesterday...finally done with the catalog. now, time to start my next book project which is due in 5 days. ack! wish me luck!

 shock on a wire    2003-10-13 14:29:37 ET
weekend report

friday night...a book release party for a former co-worker at antartica. stuck around for a couple of hours then head over to the mountain to meet up with my bro. we had to bounce cause my bro got sick.

saturday: rehearsed the set, then went out early for a friends birthday party at fuel. stayed until midnight then went up to batcave. this turned out to be a bad idea.

sunday: crawled out of bed hung over at 1:30 to get over to qxt's for soundcheck. that was a disaster. once we finally got to soundcheck, it took us 6 minutes tops. we went to jarvs so he could shower and change and then back to the club. we went on at around 10:30. we were lucky to have the best slot, and we put on a fairly energetic show. thanks to all who turned out to support us. and boo on those who left and missed life cried's kick ass set. a diner chill and a nap and i am back in nyc. whew what a long weekend. but not without its merits.

 tormentor    2003-10-09 15:21:07 ET
[ mood | geeky ]
[ music | shoulder holster - morcheeba ]

saw underworld today with my brother. as well as purchase a new phone. i can finally ditch my relic of a phone and join modern society. anyway, getting back to underworld...the best thing about the movie was the HOT BABE who was the lead actress. definately my new celebrity crush. time to root for the yanks.

EDIT: come see us play this sunday at QXT's!!!

more infor at our site

 party weekend    2003-10-06 07:10:29 ET
Current mood: confused
Current music: dead lines - skinny puppy

friday after many meetings...i came home and took a nap while biomechanic played PS2. then decided to head out to qxts. chilled with the jersey crew...too many to list...i'll be here all day doing that. stayed in jersey for the night and most of the next day, just chillin. it was damn nice not to have to worry about work for a little bit. back to ny in time to change/shower and get ready for batcave. i had forgotten that it was the vnv nation DJ tour. the place was packed. i caught a little bit of one of their sets. they played almost all vnv songs and remixes [from what i could gather] but this is me walking around and not really paying attention. and the whole open to 6am thing sounds great on paper but i was ready to pass out. i'm way too old to party that long! again, many people were there too many to list. but it was a good night, fun for everyone. a wild and wooly week of work for me is ahead.

symbiotic plays qxt's on october 12th! be there!

'for another day memories are calling'

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