another song to download    2003-09-08 04:59:41 ET

'slave' is available for free download on our site. please go to the songs section. enjoy!

 it was really just a lie    2003-09-04 13:45:12 ET

pictures from the show are now posted in the images section. check them out if you have a chance!

 the symbiotic show    2003-09-01 13:35:56 ET
first of all, thanks to everyone who came out to support us this past saturday. you know who you are. we had a decent turnout and a fairly enthusiastic crowd response which was gratifying. we had a fantastic time on stage, it was great to be able to play with our good friends in life [c]ried. there were many pictures are some of them...taken by the lovely kathy i believe:

pictures hosted by colin/porcupine defense so go check them out when you get a chance!

 the show tomorrow    2003-08-29 08:32:47 ET
james has symbiotic sound clips in his journal. check it out!

 equilibrium    2003-08-23 16:25:05 ET
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | some song from tony hawk 3 ]

equilibrium just made my all time favorite movie list. i recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it yet.
rocked the mountain last night with chrissie and my bro. then i trekked out to qxt's. got there around 1:45...hung out with the boys. then watched equilibrium in the morning with chris. rocked a diner chill then back to nyc. bought equilibrium on the way home and watched it AGAIN. batcave tonight...i should be working but i REALLY don't feel like it. hope to see some of you out and about. and don't forget, my EBM band, symbiotic plays batcave next week! be there!

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