lycanthropes, vampires, oh my    2003-07-21 17:10:17 ET
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | red future-gatecrasher ]

i bought a few books this past weekend. the once and future king by t.h. white. the wanting seed by anthony burgess. and narcissus in chains by laurell hamilton. so far i am halfway through narcissus. and i never thought i'd say this but there is a bit too much kinky sex going on. i have the sneaking suspicion that all this book amounts to is a supernatural bodice-ripper.
been working like a dog, that hasnt changed. looking forward to friday. planning a jersey trip, if i dont have to work.

 the sacrifice is successful    2003-07-17 15:53:45 ET
working at home is overrated. i'm on the verge of exhaustion. and i have major cabin fever. i have to get out of here for a bit. maybe i'll chill out at pyramid tonight. for the weekend...powerpoint presentation, some jacket revises. oh joy. not much to report, i've been a fairly boring person recently. work is my life now. i'm just thankful that it's been relatively cool for this time of year. time to go convert some jpg's.

 absurd    2003-07-11 11:47:31 ET
today's word is absurd.

i have an absurd amount of work due in an absurdly short time. some songs on chimera are absurdly good, some are absurdly bad. cherries are absurdly good, frozen food is absurdly bad. i need to get absurdly drunk sometime soon, and then rock the absurd hangover.

if you look at the word absurd long enough, it starts to look absurd.

 chimera    2003-07-08 10:12:06 ET
picked up the new delerium today...pretty solid. give it a thumbs up, its got a nice feel to it...but it doesnt have the standout tracks like poem or the conjure one album. i'm having a delerium marathon...listening from semantic spaces through chimera...and even the bonus disks, which i normally dont rock much. i havent had a chance to check out the videos on the bonus disk for chimera yet...

in other news, the weekend was all about DC turning into an official lush. good times were had by all. well except by bio who refuses to have fun. i am swamped with work. its all too much. i need to find a nice cushy job where i dont have to do any actual real work. sigh.

 fireworks    2003-07-04 08:10:26 ET
i am tendering an open invite to all who wish to see the fireworks up close and personal-like. my roof...sundown. let me know if any wish to attend.

DC's birthday celebration part2 was on point. viva life

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