the man behind symbiotic    2003-08-20 14:47:32 ET
this guy just joined go say hello. he's the true talent behind symbiotic. a musical genius.

 the wrong stuff?    2003-08-18 13:20:51 ET
wow, i havent posted in a while. last week was mostly lots of work. then the blackout. i didnt do much...just went down to the bar for a couple of drinks. smoked a bowl with my bro and went to sleep. friday night, i hung out with an old friend frrom parsons. we got drunk and ended up hooking up. i'm not sure how i feel about this. saturday was more work. then out to batcave. got to see the jersey crew which is always core. i had a great time. missed mono because i was working til the last minute. damn it. i am still in irvington at the headquarters. my week looks shot already. feh.

 are we the stream of life or the fallen leaves drifting away?    2003-08-09 07:13:08 ET
[ mood | horny ]
[ music | slave-symbiotic ]

thursday: had dinner at yakitori with biomechanic, chrissie, kathy and total eclipse. shay is visiting from israel, so we decided to take him over to pyramid...after a few pitchers of beer to pregame. it was pretty fun. i drank a bit too much. heh.

friday: met up with some friends for lunch at union square. good eats. excellent tater tots at the heartland brewery. headed south to catch a flick, unfortunately the only thing playing within the hour was 'johnny english' i do not recommend this to anyone. at least not in the theater. it was quite the letdown. after that, we took a leisurely stroll down to tenessee mountain for beer and ribs. met up with many friends there. had an enormous dinner, some drink and life is good. met up with shay again and we headed into newark to rock qxt's. it was insanely packed. the music was decent. got to chill with the jersey crew. i was pretty exhausted by this time so i couldn't really party that hard. but shay had a good time, so that's all good. got home at 4:30-ish and slipped into a semi-coma.

tonight, batcave time. should be good. in other news: i am mad horny. i have no idea why.

 i built the enemy, i built a tower to heaven    2003-08-01 09:20:22 ET
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | ]

and the beat goes on. endless work. if i don't get out of this house, i'm going to seriously snap. also, i need to get paid. dead broke again. need to get out to jersey soon. i never ended up going last week, too much shit going on. reading 'the wanting seed' pretty insightful look into overpopulation. a good song title, i might write about it at some point.
don't forget! symbiotic plays batcave 30 august. be there!

 missed outside    2003-07-25 16:04:29 ET
[mood | sleepy ]
[ music | rising son [underworld mix] - massive attack ]

about to roll out to q's tonight. i'm hopin to hang out with the jersey crew, especially tom and missy [they are up from texas] saw 28 days later. it was acceptable. not as scary as people were saying. the ending was somewhat wack. ditto for pirates of the carribean. it started out promising...but the end left me scratching my head. went shopping, spent way too much on a SDL vest and pants. what a fool i am. well, gotta jet.

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