and looking out to a different sky    2003-06-17 08:52:15 ET
EDIT: best wishes to insomnia!

LC put on a great show this past saturday. i may be slightly biased but i feel they spanked noisex. i enjoyed myself. the path on the way to Q's and the way back to new york was wack. i went to hoboken for no reason TWICE. not much to report. been working alot. and i am flat broke. i probably will have to stay in this weekend. i need a break anyway. fathers day was ok, went to the rents place. got my dad his favorite: johnny walker black. re-reading heart of darkness. one of my favorites. uh-oh, gotta drop a quick duece. peace!

 life seems so empty without you    2003-06-12 12:06:44 ET
sometimes, standing in the rain is good for you
sometimes, not being able to sleep is good
sometimes, its good to reflect on the past
sometimes, you have to face your demons

sometimes, you dont know how good you have it
sometimes, its hard to be real
sometimes, doing nothing is best
sometimes, you wonder where your life went

in other news, went to the yankee game last night. watched houston no-hit the yanks. regardless of who won, i would have been fine with it. i grew up in houston and i live in ny. will be out to LC/noisex...for a bit. i'll probably skip out after LC. work keeps chugging along. i've reached a time of some importance in my career. i can either do really well, or blow it. i hope i do really well, but in the end, its really up to me. a lot of people refuse to take responsibility for themselves...i hope i am not one of those people.

'pale sun rising again, to this illusion you awake
saturate, soul exposed, color burnt out, you can blink no more
welcome to the kingdom, the king is dead
serpent lies thrashing without a head'

 down ass bitch    2003-06-09 12:48:40 ET
another party weekend has come and gone. time to buckle down and do some serious work, all of my book projects are heating up. life cried/noisex this weekend. need to catch up on my sleep. gotta start promoting the hell out of the EP now that its finally finished. if anyone has suggestions on labels or zines, please post them here. or if anyone knows DJs likely to spin it in a club, i'll pass on some copies to you.

in other news, i like the 242 EP. im sick of looking at dildos. i need an external hard drive desperately. i need to start eating better. i need to catch up on my reading. gatorade is good. potato chips are good. 50cent is good. and going home is good...something i'm about to do very soon. peace!

 state of the art destructive capabilities    2003-06-04 11:50:40 ET

pics from the show at qxt's 5.31 are now posted in the images section. check them out!

 my thoughts on the show    2003-06-02 10:17:38 ET
first off, i'd like to thank all the people who came out and reprezented. you guys rock. thanks to DC for climbing the pole while singing 'slave' [also for being my vocal processor tech] thanks to the people who bought CD's. the money we made from the show will go to making shirts. and thanks to damian for booking us.

i had a tremendous time on stage, it was really really fun. the crowd response was really awesome, though i wish people had shown a bit more energy. but it was good considering the vast majority of people there had never heard us before. it was a pleasure sharing the stage with kaliss, don, chris and jarv. we overcame adversities...last minute EQing, memorizing lyrics, getting my computer to output properly, fussing with the effects...but in the end, all the stress was worth it. ive played my fair share of shows, but this one will always have a special place in me.

i couldnt be happier with the outcome of the show and our debut EP. it feels good to be a part of symbiotic. and i feel appreciative to all those that contributed or supported us these past few months. and this is just the beginning, i promise. bigger and better things will hopefully be on the horizon for us. and without you guys, we couldnt exist, so thanks again. <3

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