site    2003-05-30 22:31:42 ET
check it out

also, come out to the show tomorrow

 when gods clash, its men who die    2003-05-29 11:06:05 ET
finally finished the lyrics to 'wake of destruction' hehe, one day to spare. now the hard part...trying to memorize it in time!

burning towers falling
a world divided must pay this price
fallen symbols burning
fires of rage reflected in our eyes

reflected in our eyes

shock, awe, an eye for an eye
the dogs of war are hungry for life
shock, awe, an eye for an eye
when gods clash, its men who die

its men who die

aftermath of ashes
only memories left to sanctify
death takes flight
a flock of ravens takes to the skies
the blood of innocent lives
fuel for this deconstruction
everything must crumble and fall
in the wake, the wake of destruction

 wake of destruction    2003-05-27 07:07:05 ET
weekend update: friday, rocked the chelsea piers for a friends graduation/birthday get together. which was good. then hitched a ride out to q's. more good times. it was storm's birthday bash, part2 i believe. racked at DChaus. woke up as a refugee. after breaking some of DC's plates and drinking out of a wonton soup container. then LC show on saturday which was on point. they sounded amazing. the vocals were definately on point. storms birthday bash part3. we all got smashed, both nights. sunday was a chill day at home with my computer, trying desperately to get some work done for my presentation thursday. was too assed out to concentrate much. monday, back out to NJ to prep for the show, dropped off the EP inserts, picked up the show backing that i can rehearse. everything is coming together. everyone come out and support SYMBIOTIC. the show is gonna rip. saturday, qxt's, we go on at 10:30. then for anyone who cares, prick will play. also: just for our first show, our EP's will be a special price, $5. cant beat tracks of tasty goodness. plus sticker give-aways. door: $10, $8 with a pass. sorry to all my peeps, they are not offering us a comp list. but come out anyway!!!!

 heavenscent    2003-05-20 07:40:10 ET
this past weekend was a blur. friday pregame at the mountain was official. wasnt too bad until i rocked some drinks at q's though. i was pretty ripped, but that was just a shadow of what was to become saturday night. JD tore the shit out of me. the pregame was tight...a little too tight. and i definately could have done without that last shot of JD before we walked out the door. consequently, i lost my jacket at the club, left my bag in DC's trunk and generally made a nuisance of myself. i gotta take it easy, cant have many more nights like that left in me. yikes. thanks to everyone who took care of me this weekend. you guys rule.

 stick em up    2003-05-14 11:01:12 ET
matrix reloaded. tonight.

why does the new pre-amp in itunes 4 suck so bad?

got the setlist together for the symbiotic show. special guest appearance: DC from LC

finished designing the EP insert

i downloaded 'cry me a river' what is the world coming to?

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