pre-game    2003-04-25 14:46:35 ET
anyone interested in a pregame at my place before batcave tomorrow?

 decoder    2003-04-25 08:21:12 ET
wow, is it the weekend already? this week flew by. not for any particular reason either. went to the baseball game last night. ive been soured to the whole ballpark experience. it generally sucks.

lots of shows coming up. A23, flesh field this saturday. L[c], terrorfakt, flesh field on may2. ministry may4. covenant may11. hopefully my wallet will be able to support going to all these shows.
gonna lay low tonight. no loot to party...but i will be out saturday for A23.

 look at me, look at me...and tell me what you see    2003-04-21 08:21:49 ET
so a recap of this weekend, for the 4 of you that reads this journal. thursday night, bio came over and we met colin at the library for a round or two. then a couple blocks to pyramid. i have to say, i was surprised with the turnout. good times. went back with DC and damian and slept. friday, rocked a sub-in at university. kaliss recut the chorus to 'disintegrated' which we may or may not use.

friday night at q's was funny as hell. i've never seen jarv that destroyed before. and we literally had to carry kaliss to his front door. damian rocked 'core' downstairs. found out about the prick show. good times. i pissed tom off...called him out on not being there. oops. highlights include don smacking some guy in the pit, sending him flying. jarv yelling out may 31st! over and over at random times. and kaliss falling asleep on storm for about an hour.

crashed at jarv's. we tracked my parts for 'devil with the green eyes' and even though jarv was feeling like shit, he came out to batcave. what a trooper! the ineveitable inebration followed. very hazy on what occurred at the end of the night. but it was fun to chill with all my homies. and dance a lot.

sunday i was catatonic. didnt move unless i absolutely had to. which resulted in me watching almost all of 'the ten commandments' haha, i had never seen it before. the over-acting was cracking me up.

 symbiotic vs. PRICK    2003-04-20 09:34:40 ET
may 31. symbiotic's first show. opening for prick at qxt's. be there!

 pissing into the wind    2003-04-18 23:38:16 ET
just got back from q's with jarv and don. man o man.....good times. um...sorry for misleading everyone..but assemblage 23 is next weekend. i'm drunk. and i upset a good friend of mine...didn't mean it. anyways, its time for bed. peace!

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