00ntz 00ntz    2003-04-17 15:17:18 ET
the weekend begins tonight. its gonna be huge. jarv's b-day, recording symbiotic, assemblage 23. on the other hand, i got a pretty wack haircut. look for the cactus-head this weekend.

 catch 22    2003-04-16 09:11:02 ET
ug, i dont know what to do. there is a glimmer of hope for sk...and i definately want to make a donation. but should i do it now or wait? if i donate and the site still goes down, that would suck. but if i wait to see what happens, it may CAUSE m0xie to think that no one cares about sk and shut it down. anyone else planning to donate? i'd feel better if a bunch of us were doing it together to show m0xie how much we appreciate and support this site.

 i can understand you're living in a prison    2003-04-15 07:22:48 ET
soon sk.net will be no more. this makes me somewhat sad. i've grown to really appreciate this site as well as the many fine people i have encountered here. anyone wishing to continue our online interactions, i have a LJ account and can be reached there. or simply email me at azraeltrigger@hotmail.com. my AIM is azraeltrigger

in other news, jarv sent me the programming for 'devil with the green eyes' it kicks serious ass, i predict it to be our dance hit from the EP. anyone wanting to hear the instrumental version which i have, feel free to IM me. today is the first day of softball. time to go run around and make a fool of myself.

went to the tax people yesterday. ouch! talk about paying out the nose. ordered new frames for my busted glasses. they should arrive wednesday. gotta start the flight book this week. yay. i also bought diamond age by neal stephenson. pretty good so far. its jarv's birthday this coming weekend. i'm not sure what to get him. all i know is that we are gonna party hard. and then assemblage 23 this saturday. that should be good. ok, enough rambling....gotta work.

 superimposinglife    2003-04-12 15:13:21 ET
listening to the new symbiotic track which jarv wrote. working title is 'superimposinglife' it has a lush trip hop kinda feel ala massive attack. its really awesome. and grows on you fast. we need to find a female vocalist to do the vocals. getting ready for batcave tonight. not interested in seeing interface tonight so i'll probably show up around midnight.

btw, the link where you can download 'superimposinglife'


 shizzle mah nizzle    2003-04-09 19:17:03 ET
the symbiotic site is being worked on my my good buddy matt. its gonna look awesome when its done. he's the flash master. i'll post the url when there is something to go look at.

finished 'snow crash' not bad

not much else to report. work is a constant pain...but thats just a regular part of my life now...sigh.

gonna rock the mountain friday...then batcave saturday. more as it developes

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