apocalypse    2003-04-07 09:41:11 ET
it seems that the symbiotic ftp site is down again. have to figure out what is going with that. slaad, if you read this...let me know whats up.

jarv registed www.symbiotic.tv...it'll be our official website. not much there right now, but that will change very soon. i am gonna start making graphics for it and we should have at least the frontpage up within the week. jarv is just about done with the final version of 'core', and the remix is almost done as well. i am going out to jarvs in two weeks to retrack the vox to 'last emotion', it should be hot. i cant wait for this demo to be done so we can get the ball rolling in terms of getting shows and shopping to labels.

rocked batcave on saturday. it was surprisingly empty, but i ended up having a good time. the beginning of the evening was difficult. i felt like i couldn't catch my breath. after a few drinks i loosened up and remembered that eli would have wanted us to have fun and be happy, not sad and depressed.

almost done with 'snow crash'...it started out very slow and i was ready to be very disappointed...but about halfway through, it turned very interesting. all the stuff about the sumerian language, incantations, viruses and the bible really caught my fancy.

the main marketing rush is done...i feel like i can breathe again. now its little stuff like ads until i start designing the flight and africa books hardcore. should be good times ahead in terms of work.

wow, this has been a long post for me, i usually dont have much to say. take care kids...and stay out of the snow. i loathe snow.

 sex, dying and zero gravity    2003-04-04 08:13:48 ET
...the ground i wander on is feeling really dirty lately...
...everything around is feeling really heavy lately...

not a good week by any stretch of the imagination. its funny how some things happen to put one's life in perspective. i'm done with wasting time. its not entirely possible, but i want every moment to count for something, to look back and say: yes, i have lived a good and full life. and to experience everything life has to offer because you only get one shot. the highest peak, the darkest hour and everything in between. i'm sick of holding myself back, it's time to let go and live. that being said, i've been working constantly...and have not been in the loop as far as sk.net is concerned. i'm sorry about that. it may last for a bit or it may last for longer, but you guys are always in my thoughts: and in my heart. i've decided to dedicate 'last emotion' to eli.

...he's gone to a place where he doesn't need his wings to fly...
...an endless endless sky...

 did i stand on the shore and watch you drown?    2003-03-31 08:13:44 ET
eli goldberg

how could someone who seemed so happy be so sad? did he ever reach out to anyone or hold it all in?

we'll all miss you, dear friend. we'll ease your passage into the next world with our tears, cherish your memory with respect and keep your spirit strong in the knowledge that a part of you lives on in each of us who knew you.

 i used to think that the day would never come    2003-03-28 08:32:30 ET
so i ended up getting xenosaga. so far so good, though some of the cut-scenes are extremely long. it was more like watching a movie than playing an rpg. but this allows for better development of plot and characters. there is a lot going on and i am 5 hours into it. its much more difficult than the FF games...i actually died a few times.

i am determined to party this weekend..even though i am STILL not 100%. damn ear. so if anyone wants to pregame at my place before batcave, you are all welcome.

finally a slow day for me! whew...the stress was killing me. im gonna take it easy and enjoy my down-time...i know it will get bad soon. until next time...peace!

 like whispers in the dark    2003-03-26 08:42:07 ET
its good to be on solid foods again. i should buy stock in the company that makes advil. i still have tissues growing out of my ear. cant get rid of the blasted things. working day and night makes me cranky, i think. on a more positive note, installed jaguar. it rips!!!!!

working for hydra is like trying to kill one. you chop off one head and two grow to take its place. a lot more to do. i plan to buy xenosaga for PS2. the reviews are good...and i like really long tedious space operas. [ie. macross]

i am going out this weekend...i dont care if i have a tissue growing out of my ear. its been WAY too long. and chris if you read this...you better have the core remix burned for me bitch!

btw: made a new eye kandy logo...gallery 5

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