daylight meltdown    2003-03-03 12:01:57 ET
friday was the mountain and funhouse routine. got really blasted. i really dont like not remembering shit. i gotta cut that out. i guess it was fun...the hangover was not. saturday, the crew was out in full effect, good times were had by all...INCLUDING BIO...about time. see bio, the clubs arent necessarily all about the music, its about the company too. anyway, it was an abnormally good night. been converting images all day. yay, easy work.

 cleanin out my closet    2003-02-27 11:50:15 ET
made new avatar. bleh, it doesnt look good small.

 you chose the path that narrows, you chose the path that folds    2003-02-25 10:08:07 ET
made a couple of new symbiotic graphics...check them out in gallery #4 if you have the time and energy to spare. working like a dog today...but i guess its better than sitting around not doing anything. jarv started our cover of 'devil with the green eyes' i heard about 30 seconds of the programming...and i was blown away. the kid can program. hopefully another dance smash in the works. im not sure how far chris has gotten with the core remix but it cant be long now. i know him, he cant rest until something is done. so i found out NCC is playing this saturday...i have mixed feelings on this. while individual parts of their songs can be kick ass, they have no structure! its like listening to a first draft of a song with all the parts laid out in order. example...typical song goes ABCBACC, NCC songs go ABCDEFG. while back in the day, this kind of experimentation appealed to me personally, ive learned since that it is annoying for others to listen to it! it just plain sounds bad, IMHO. but anyways, i'll definately go and i'll probably check them out just for kicks. anyone else going?

 push upstairs    2003-02-24 08:10:11 ET
yikes, i have been sick the past few days. and a lot of work hasnt been getting done. i am just coming out of it now. finally got my hydra money which is a huge load off of my back. yay, i can pay rent. batcave on saturday was fun [what i can remember of it, that is] it was particularly awesome because the NJ crew was out in full effect. the rest of the weekend was wasted being ill and trying to read the cryptonomicon for a second time. i have this weird urge to dig up my old a. dumas books. 'all for one and one for all!'

 liberate my mind, a cage is no place for a soul    2003-02-19 08:47:19 ET
had a meeting with the HYDRA people yesterday. i got the lowdown on my spring projects. with this, i say farewell to my social life for the next 2 months [possibly longer] i must design 2 books from scratch, provide sales materials for a dozen titles, as well as design a catalog. i will still occasionally be out and about [most likely batcave] but for the most part, i am out on all activities. eh, its the way of the freelancer. now if only i could get them to pay up. grrr

DC is working on life [c]ried remix of 'core'. can't wait to hear it

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