um, what...
2006-02-15 18:26:03 ET

Why would you bother to pick up the phone if you had no interest in hearing a damn word I said. Why would you be friends with me if you had no interest in anything I did or wanted to do. Why would you ask me a question if you were going to drown out the answer with nothing. And further more why would you go somewhere with me if you just going to ignore me.
Not a single answer.

last one.
This ones a repeat from 5 months back.
Why are you still here.

You don't even want to be.

plan ahead
2006-02-10 16:26:02 ET

In a year to year and half
I plan to move to Portland...

today is february 11th 2006

to do-
In March-
Go to Portland, it might not be great like youu think

In a year(or around that, give 3-6 months)-
buy car/motorcycle
get rid of crap
get dog
get job up there
Enrole in Welding cert. program
Move out there.


I am excited to do this, Lets hope I continue to feel that way.

2006-02-10 12:39:28 ET

I have been stumbling across more and more people who I know well or very little who have me in their "top 8"...

I feel good about it, but I am little weirded out.

Also today my malcolm X and black Nationalism Prof. Told my friend Karen and I that we were his favorite students.

He is a 50 somethin' year old black Nationalist who wears traditional African Garb.
It made my life worth living.
Also today on the Bus an older Black man and I had a great conversation after he made me laugh by refusing to let me refuse a cookie. Which I ate a bite of and barely cared if it was vegan or not.

Today has been a good day.
It will continue on through the weekend.

Yes, so yes.

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