children's books2004-12-03 09:10:35 ET

faith and i have to write childrens books this week for multimedia... i dont know why.. maybe Palowski (the guy with his butt in the air) wanted us to prove our stupidity but faith and i have our own ideas on the side.. mua ha ha (Mr. Burns hands, which faith stole from me)
my story is about a girl who was a foster child.. then i thought make it obvious, a little black girl in a white family or a little white girl in a black family. then we went off saying that the little girl would say something like "mommy why are you white and im black?" and the mother would answer "well honey everyone in the world has a race, and because of this there is racism. you will experience racism as ou get older because white people get sunburned and black people dont." "what?" "thats right we have racism because we get sunburned and you dont"
then somehow we went into a descussion of gay couples with kids and i changed my child book from "The Foster Child" to "Why Do I Have Two Mommies?" which in turn i changed to "Why Do I Have...?"
and the first page is a picture of two women and a child. Caption says "Little Crystal had two mommies." the second page said "as crystal looked around she say all the other kids had a mommy and a daddy. this made her wonder why she didnt have a daddy too." this book is going to be hilarious. ill have to post it some how.

scarred for life2004-12-02 08:36:57 ET

our teacher bent over and crawled under the desk antipathy has a picture of it... im scarred for life and now i know he was wearing whitie tighties.... not what i came to school to learn.

2004-12-01 12:30:08 ET

im hungry so im ganna go eat some chips while i watch this kid...

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