my specialized pixie2004-11-29 14:54:19 ET

ok maybe not specialized but i couldnt find one that i liked with a cat so i took the cat from one of them and put into one that i liked so here it is

besides ... i couldnt decide between the pixies weather girl 2, 6, 7, weathergoth 2, 4, and then of course weather girl 10, and then even Dollz: tamzin
im such a schitz that i could be described as all of them by the same person... antipathy help me choose!!! you know me best... i think...?
pick my pixie

crystal's wish list2004-11-28 12:15:15 ET

the only thing i want for christmas is for my car to be paid off and to wake up on christmas day and know everything there is to know about cars [especially how to fix a Saab]
and im only 16
have you ever heard of a 16 year old girl that doesnt want anything for christmas? its bazerk

seroquel2004-11-27 16:23:52 ET

i feel good... i think they should write my perscription for everyone this stuff is fun

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