ATTENTION    2003-01-15 14:13:19 ET
i am following in diebonkt's footsteps here

DIGIT's band CY:RX is playing at the pyramid saturday.

everyone who can attend should; izzy is one of the most talented (and definitely THE most hardworking) musicians i know...

the pyramid is located on Avenue A in NYC somewhere around 7th or 8th streets.. and is home to digial murder

unfortunately it is only 21+

after events at batcave (by order of kids, not cy:rx, who dont endorse apoptygma berserk)

good music is rare

and should be rewarded

AND if anyone wants to eat sushi with myself and Chris303 beforehand all are welcome
(this means YOU digit&downrail, dont worry i'll spot you)

<3 sushi

maybe the place next to generation records?


 heh    2003-01-15 12:55:51 ET
i haxx0red DbD.



     2003-01-14 19:07:13 ET
an image, burning, and a hole in my stomach
twenty degrees of separation
twenty blueprints to beat myself against
twenty dollars to divide us
and an hour and a half to draw us back in:

i am shaking right now and i cannot eat i only hope that this lack of appetite continues, and the bleeding too for that matter: and that i end up as lean and cold as the rails beneath this train.

 afterimage...    2003-01-13 15:59:14 ET

lost momentum
cant recapture
broken fragments
seal the fracture
one more picture
last exposure
she needs a teacher
so he shows her
how to freeze in
hanging glass in
staining windows
with reflections
shards of light
in all directions
an afterimage
in these sheets
i close my eyes
i drift to sleep

/why does it hurt so fucking bad.../::cry::/self inflicted and i know that.

i hate it when someone youre trying not to think about has left their stuff all over your house...

/the new model comes with a 5 year warranty and 24 hour tech support/get yours today operators are standing by/this mood swing brought to you by gridlock's edit364/

 idea    2003-01-12 07:40:22 ET
i think that myself and doktor242 should get a place in coney island

and that i should attend Brooklyn College, double majoring in philosophy and electronics.

to me, it makes sense.

but then again, so does a trailer park in Bayonne.

tell me what i missed at das ich last night.. im sure it was crowded as per usual batcave... i ended up working, and now i'm up early and i dont know what to do with myself if i'm not at club or working.

i feel like i should be doing something important but i dont know what it is.

i miss florida.

once again i am falling victim to my tendency to be happy anywhere else but where i am.

"Life is like a hospital where everyone is obsessed with switching beds."


and in other news, fucking kill me.


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