A strong smell of onions just wafted through my window.2007-09-19 20:09:54 ET

I just finished reading, no; listening, to Christopher Moore's A Dirty Job it's about a 'beta male' that has to collect dead folk's souls and raise a daughter, it's very funny. The personification of death had always fascinated me. Death, the one that TALKS LIKE THIS, by Terry Pratchett has never failed to amuse me I've always hoped that a scientist is the new wizard so he'd be the one to come for me. In the second film of Bill and Ted Death makes the movie worth it's salt. My favorite creepy death has got to be from The Adventures of Baron Münchhausen, it doesn't get much better than dodging Death while riding a cannonball. And when death comes for Rimmer at the end of the last episode of Red Dwarf; brilliant. I just can't get enough of the pale dude. I wounder if I could arrange to meet him more than just the once?
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Party On!2007-09-14 17:20:48 ET

I'm going to a celebrity/superhero costume party tonight my friend decided she would dress as Quailman for it, just a moment ago her ex boyfriend, another close friend of mine, IMed me for costume advice and thought he might go as Quailman. I decided not to tell him about her outfit. I wounder who's costume will be better, this should be fun.

Busted!2007-09-07 18:02:47 ET

Our camp was the best.

4 days 3 nights and one long drive away2007-08-23 09:21:39 ET

I'm now at the nervous stage of preparation, most things are squared away but I can't be sure. The fear lies in not knowing what I don't know and forgetting stuff I never tried to remember. There will be no test phase, only launch.
See you at 7:30 and Coral Reef.
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