2007-07-27 17:36:18 ET

Beer, burger, and bowl; beautiful.

A duo of disquieting discoveries2007-07-26 07:27:34 ET

Much to my surprise, and my neighbor's I'm sure, unlocking my car with the key set off its alarm.

Also, I just found out that my internship at the NASA will end in a week. They will then be hiring me as an actual employee. This news came out of nowhere. I'm vertiginous with wonder.

I'm supposed to be at work, I'm not.2007-07-19 07:48:52 ET

It's been one of those mornings that just slide by and you realize you should have been at work half an hour ago, then stop caring and end up going in 2 hours late. You know, your average Thursday...fucking Thursdays.

This is now mine.2007-07-14 14:40:33 ET

This is first car this will be mine, not my parents old car, not stealing my brother's car while he's traveling the world, a Jules-mobile.
I hope I don't run it into anything.
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