Government sectrets.2007-07-10 17:38:40 ET

Today's entry is a pile of images(some with captions).

This is where I work(rather the head office of the place I work).

This is the huge thing in the background(It's always christmas at the NASA.)

This thing sucks

This is why. Those prop blades are taller than a human.

Here's a headcrab on a moose, it's a zomboose.

He must have been demodulated.2007-07-09 12:46:06 ET

In cubicles no one can hear you being unproductive.2007-07-05 14:39:19 ET

There really was no point for me being at work today, I haven't even said word to another person, or moved a single object (except for my lunch). No one would have been able to tell if I was here or not (other than the computer logging my log-in). If my job were being a ninja I would be doing an excellent job, but the NASA is not a ninja facility. I think this trend will continue until my boss gets back Monday.


I just spent way too much time trying to get this portion of the entry to appear within itself. it was supposed to say :
"Put on more speed", the captain cried "for we are sorely pressed"
But the engineer from the bank replied "The horse is doing his best"

Sub entry: While not at work wasting my time, I've decided to waste my time playing EVE.

Data is pretty (and I probably shouldn't be putting this through the intertubes).2007-06-29 12:22:56 ET

I could spend all day making happy plots like this, oh wait I do spend all day making funky little plots like this.

12 spiff-points (and possibly a job with the NASA) if you can find the flaw in the wire!

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