The point of this will only become clear to future generations.2007-06-14 13:34:20 ET

Sorry I've been out of contact recently, I've was moving into a new apartment and waiting to get the Internets setup, then just before they do, my computer's power supply goes 'POP' and stinks up my room, Which leads to my first good point about living San Jose, I'm close to Fry's. I get a new power supply (actually I got a new case and power supply for the price of a power supply). After putting everything in my flimsy, free, and new case it comes to my attention that in the fury of it's demise the power supply took my motherboard with it. I returned the case and ordered all new components for a computer I can be proud of, all of which arrive tomorrow(except the after market fan for the CPU). I'm so giddy with anticipation I'm not getting anything done at work today, and I can't imagine tomorrow will be any better.
The advent of this new computer has left me with a dilemma, Vista is scary and new and expensive and the of XP that I have is 32 bit. The other option I see is the magic of Linux, something I have only terse knowledge of (I say while using a Red Hat box). I think what I'm trying to get at here is if anyone here has any good advise as far as all the different distributions and where to get started. Any help will be appreciated and paid for with favors of pure science.

p.s. I just now, after a moth of using it, realized this not optical.

When the tortilla chips are stale, make nachos.2007-05-29 18:09:56 ET

Last weekend I found $60 on the ground with nobody around. On the same day, a third of the way around the world, my brother one-ups me and finds 400 Euro on the ground with nobody around.

And in new from the NASA, a Non-inspirational quote from my boss: "Looks like this is going to be more difficult than I thought, and I thought it would be impossible."

soo sreepy2007-05-21 18:46:32 ET

It's not even 9:00 and I'm thinking of going to bed, I must be getting old.

My new home2007-05-15 17:55:47 ET

There are 2 unprotected networks, Porkchop and SpiceHut. I hope I chose the right one.

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