Is it exactly rocket science?2007-04-15 22:51:06 ET

Does working for the NASA automatically make one a rocket scientist, even if the work being done is not on rockets per say?

By the way, I did end up quiting the kitchen and I have a job lined up at the NASA.

A square meter is not nearly big enough.2007-04-04 19:32:00 ET

I've had just about of this kitchen stuff. I think I'll go get a job with the NASA, that sounds like fun.
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What's the biggest piece of paper you can find?2007-03-27 21:48:30 ET

This bug landed on my shirt the other morning.

and this one landed in a glass.

The choice of which socks to wear on any given day is not one that should be under considered.2007-03-19 23:09:34 ET

Can anyone here come up with a good excuse for me to leave work a few hours early this Saturday night?

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