help in the kitchen2007-01-28 15:10:28 ET

I just got a job at a Chineese resturant.
The owner/cheff is a friend of a friend and fired all his help after opening on friday because they were useless. Because of this he was desperate for help and hired me to do what ever I can. I have no idea what I'll be doing, could be cooking, could be bussing, could be bar-tending.

Martinis, though awesome, make poor celebratory drinks2007-01-21 17:31:20 ET

I just turned in my last school related assignment, ever.

That is, until I decide to go to grad school.

My mom got a couple extra as well.2007-01-17 16:37:37 ET

My brother and our friend left to India yesterday. I had to buy his Burning Man ticket this morning, I got me one too.

I'll be back on Wednesday.2007-01-07 22:12:23 ET

Looks like I'm going to Idaho.

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