Burning Questions2006-12-06 08:52:05 ET

I bought my friend a pipe last night. The gift was well received but we soon realized that neither of us knew the proper methods used in pipe-smoking. The totality of what we knew was weaned from smoking dope, but these skills proved ineffective. Tobacco and cannabis pack, light, and smolder very differently.

Could anyone here please lend me some advice? (I'll give it back later, I promise)

Dr. Q rated it as a gama level revelry.2006-12-03 13:06:02 ET

It was an epic binge.
Some of the heroes/villains that made an appearance:
Mullet Man
Mambo Man
Type 2 Diabetes
an Ewok
Captain Hobo
Lip Ripper
White Girl
Flower Power
Toxic Environmental Waste
Generic Superhero
Meat Man
The Rabbit
the creator of Meat Man
Cock Blocker
Tea Bagger
Captain charisma
Cocoa Crusader
PMS avenger
Trojan Man

pictures to come when I get ahold of them.
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It's gonna take 11.2006-11-18 11:23:15 ET

What would you do if everyone thought you could do no wrong? That is, what ever you did people were OK with it.

I'm picking out a thermos for you.2006-11-16 19:18:58 ET

Why did nobody tell me that Porcupine Tree is an incredible prog-rock band and not a crappy emo band like I thought. I'm not sure how I came that conclusion, but it worries me that there are many other bands out there that I am completely overlooking because I think they suck without ever having heard their music.

Not an ordinary thermos for you.

Is it ordinary to have inside jokes with one's self?

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