shiney data2009-07-23 17:44:23 ET

This site has some very interesting visualizations of large or complex data sets and the like.
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That's creepy helpful.2009-07-20 18:22:31 ET

While rockin' out to some 2tone on Pandora and chowin' down on one of my new favorite snack fruits,fresh lychee, I was presented with an advertisement for Whole Foods that informed me of the closest one (there are 4 within 5 miles of me).
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I thought there would be more.2009-06-28 16:56:47 ET

There is approximately a decimole of sun like stars in the known galaxy.

none of this would be an issue if I could game in Linux2009-04-12 16:34:13 ET

I got a new video card and RAM, after installing them I remembered 32bit winXP can't address more than 4Gigs of memory.

So now I'm running Windows 7.

It's shiny.

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