Prog spelling2006-10-11 13:54:53 ET

The cool new thing:
Adding extra vowels to words to make them a slightly more tricky form to make it a little more fun to say.
Here is an example: Inexopalicabilay.

Now you try!
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Happy Columbus Day!2006-10-09 12:09:40 ET

Now go down to the post office and have a tea party with all the folks that didn't know the place was closed.


you are you and what have you done with my climate?2006-10-04 18:18:48 ET

It is raining.
It does not do that this time of year.
It is statistically the warmest time of the year in this area.

I've got a case of D'ni glee2006-09-27 17:18:38 ET

URU live lives!

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