And it's not even spinning.2006-09-05 21:58:05 ET

The problem of a stick falling on a frictionless surface is way more complicated than it should be.

Where theta is the angle with the vertical, Mg is the force of gravity, and the length of the bar is 2h.
Mathematica keeps dieing when I try and solve this equation.

you see?2006-09-01 12:05:07 ET

current consumption: curry, corona
combinatorial condition: crappy

Is marzipan vegan?2006-08-30 21:02:46 ET

I just found chocolate on my vegan cookie. I'm not so much alarmed, as I am confused.

This is why they invented the afternoon2006-08-29 14:46:53 ET

I think it's all summed up in this photo.

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