That's just not cool2006-08-29 10:45:01 ET

I just saw a Sara-Lee commercial using the Ren and Stimpy 'Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy' song. They didn't even bother to make their own version, it's very much Stinky Wizzleteats singing it. I am disapointed.

Omega_3 isn't constant in time.2006-08-21 14:43:44 ET

It's sort of bittersweet to prove that the major source of information and theory for your thesis has a highly relevant flaw in it.

On the plus side I've found that I can make very pretty equations using LaTeX.

I just thought you people might like to know that listen to music.2006-08-16 18:32:57 ET

The problem is that I listen to so many different artists that a band shows up on the little chart after something like three songs.

ELO just shows up at the top because I just got the album 'Out of the Blue'.

They said I should stay away from pregnant women and cancer patients.2006-08-11 15:28:21 ET

I got the Pox.

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