Selling e-coli burgers Couldn't do no harm2006-09-20 19:16:44 ET

dinner with grandparents, best line of the night during sever talk about land right and zoning: "you're all thinking in a pre-spinach economy"

When it goes gold I turn into a real physicist2006-09-18 18:51:30 ET

Thesis version 0.00001 in now complete. It is nowhere near done, but i'm going to put it here. Feel free to read what I have and tell me of the copious fallacies in my work, you can even laugh at my poor writing if you like.

This is turning into a real Max Cohen experience.2006-09-11 22:18:55 ET

12:19 hit return...

2.000004e-001 9.999518e+001 4.909680e-003 0.000000e+000 5.886000e-003
2.000007e-001 9.999034e+001 9.843804e-003 9.829185e-006 1.177200e-002
2.000001e-001 9.998679e+001 1.346016e-002 2.953649e-005 1.765800e-002
1.999978e-001 9.998550e+001 1.477549e-002 5.648375e-005 2.354400e-002
1.999935e-001 9.998681e+001 1.343265e-002 8.606431e-005 2.943000e-002
1.999875e-001 9.999037e+001 9.797467e-003 1.129565e-004 3.531600e-002
1.999805e-001 9.999520e+001 4.859182e-003 1.325710e-004 4.120200e-002
1.999735e-001 1.000000e+002 -3.854290e-005 1.422991e-004 4.708800e-002
1.999676e-001 1.000034e+002 -3.563145e-003 1.422220e-004 5.297400e-002
1.999634e-001 1.000046e+002 -4.755818e-003 1.350886e-004 5.886000e-002
1.999612e-001 1.000032e+002 -3.292540e-003 1.255674e-004 6.474600e-002
1.999607e-001 9.999952e+001 4.278175e-004 1.189757e-004 7.063200e-002
1.999611e-001 9.999465e+001 5.392314e-003 1.198322e-004 7.651800e-002
1.999614e-001 9.998989e+001 1.024993e-002 1.306276e-004 8.240400e-002
1.999606e-001 9.998652e+001 1.367931e-002 1.511480e-004 8.829000e-002
1.999581e-001 9.998547e+001 1.474810e-002 1.785340e-004 9.417600e-002
1.999536e-001 9.998846e+001 1.168777e-002 2.080597e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999478e-001 9.999614e+001 3.857924e-003 2.314587e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999421e-001 1.000037e+002 -3.841119e-003 2.391822e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999380e-001 1.000090e+002 -9.314530e-003 2.314923e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999367e-001 1.000108e+002 -1.107328e-002 2.128446e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999385e-001 1.000084e+002 -8.639717e-003 1.906759e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999429e-001 1.000025e+002 -2.677469e-003 1.733792e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999488e-001 9.999483e+001 5.189775e-003 1.680189e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999545e-001 9.998735e+001 1.282094e-002 1.784088e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999585e-001 9.998214e+001 1.814046e-002 2.040763e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999596e-001 9.998061e+001 1.970249e-002 2.403936e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999577e-001 9.998317e+001 1.708343e-002 2.798380e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999531e-001 9.998914e+001 1.099659e-002 3.140390e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999472e-001 9.999688e+001 3.098245e-003 3.360542e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999416e-001 1.000043e+002 -4.462595e-003 3.422569e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999378e-001 1.000094e+002 -9.628714e-003 3.333228e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999368e-001 1.000107e+002 -1.099474e-002 3.140461e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999388e-001 1.000079e+002 -8.189942e-003 2.920346e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999435e-001 1.000019e+002 -1.978989e-003 2.756383e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999494e-001 9.999409e+001 5.946821e-003 2.716764e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999549e-001 9.998675e+001 1.343060e-002 2.835819e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999587e-001 9.998185e+001 1.843697e-002 3.104700e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999595e-001 9.998070e+001 1.960533e-002 3.473808e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999573e-001 9.998363e+001 1.661913e-002 3.866307e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999526e-001 9.998983e+001 1.029151e-002 4.199023e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999467e-001 9.999762e+001 2.344223e-003 4.405059e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999412e-001 1.000049e+002 -5.060404e-003 4.451990e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999376e-001 1.000096e+002 -9.907663e-003 4.350681e-004 9.810000e-002
1.999368e-001 1.000106e+002 -1.087899e-002 4.152329e-004 9.810000e-002

2006-09-08 11:40:30 ET

This morning I taught my dog that bacon is awesome, he picked up the idea real fast.

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