Whheeee2006-06-05 20:06:18 ET


I've been believing in magic more and more as of late.2006-06-02 01:20:28 ET

this afternoon, when I got home from class, I sat down in front of my computer just in time to experience a power surge from which my monitor failed to recover.
I took it's casings off, looked at its guts and put it back together, it functions just fine now.

Roommate Cooper moved out today, just missed the deadline by six months. My internet has been working again.

I feel at home in this house for the first time in a long time, too bad I'm moving out soon-ish.

I was going to make curry, but then I remembered it was Tuesday2006-05-30 14:22:09 ET

Why were all the books on friction at the library checked out until March '07? Someone out there is monopolizing on knowledge of rough stuff and I want fare trade physics.

I want to hangout physicists from the late 1800's.2006-05-25 19:08:08 ET

"Even so you will see that when a drunken man is not leaning against a wall or lamppost, he feels that his only chance of escape from ignominious collapse is get up a decent rate of speed, to obtain a quasi-sobriety of demeanour by rapidity of motion."


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