Will I never be sated?2006-05-24 19:00:41 ET

I can't remember the last time I wasn't hungry. Even when I feel full I want to eat more.

Today my roommate said I looked like a cartoon character.

If I ever build a gate it will require thumbs to operate, no allosaurus is getting into my backyard.

I failed again.2006-05-16 20:46:48 ET

New regiment:
1)If I don't do 8 hours of school work in day then I have wasted the day.
2)I will not to anything other than school work until at least 2/3 of a day's work is done.
3)I will not read more than 1.5 comic books in a day.
4)I will eat more food.

P.S. My new hobby is circle packing.

Jules's fashion prediction:2006-05-08 17:04:06 ET

The ridiculously short tie will be all the rage.

...or maybe it's becuase I used to have his hair.2006-05-04 20:55:10 ET

Maybe I'll go live as a prospector. Today I succeeded with out even trying.


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