Is the asparagus food yet?2006-05-01 07:38:58 ET

This weekend I went home to get away from distractions and work n my thesis. Instead I spent the time cutting down trees and building a fire. If only my thesis could be on such things.

Happy May day. Go get your pinko-commie-leftism on!
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"Hey Jules, you should consume things!"2006-04-27 21:49:23 ET

I am a failure at not having a good time, even if this leads to my feeblility in regards to my school work. I think what this boils down to (because I am a sauce) is that I can't stand up to peer pleasure.

What is your Power Move?2006-04-18 16:02:46 ET

The new Pearl Jam album makes me happy, more by it's existence than by it's contents (which are still quite nice).

P.S. I'd like to know where I can pay homage to the coffee gods.
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Inquiring minds want to know.2006-04-16 21:52:17 ET

I'd like to know the reason why eggplant is better as leftovers.

Sometimes I cook it and just don't eat it for a few days.

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