I need a catchy tune like a bullet in the heart.2006-04-15 00:04:58 ET

I haven't been this happy in quite a while. All I want to do is to drink myself squiggly and listen to music that tears itself apart, not the song by that title, but tunes that fit that description.

Snikt or Bamf?2006-04-03 18:20:43 ET

I have just discovered the wonderful combination of 2 month old plain yogurt and jumping cow beer. You should try it, it goes well with leftover ribs.

School starts up tomorrow yet again for the last time, and as usual I need another class to be a full time student.

i have a new bike, it's shiney, it looks like this

Rum is good at keeping the sick at bay.2006-03-22 16:26:26 ET

Today I went wayfaring, and let me tell you, I faired me some good ways. After my last final this morning I planned to walk into the woods, get lost, have a cup of tea, and find my way home in an hour or two. I got so carried away after several hours that I thought seriously considered being a troll and living under a bridge as an employment opportunity. I donít think it would have worked out unless I could find myself a real nice bridge. In the long run Iím just happy I found my way home before dark.

I'll say a word for sickness; she is my favorite mistress, she knows my body like no other can.2006-03-21 10:03:52 ET

Some of the effects:

My snot is to think to get any of it out of my head.

I have become cold blooded.

My throat feels twice as big on the outside and half as large on the inside.

When I move my head my brain cringes.

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