I know of the terrible things you do...    2004-07-12 22:11:06 ET
I know of the terrible things you do
And I want you to know that I always did
Because it doesn't make a difference
Now and then... Now and again
I look to the stars and see your reflection
Like a pane of glass this smoking mirror image
Is transparent of the love I feel for you
And I know all of the terrible things you do
I just wanted to be the one to tell you
That the truth is that I don't care about the others
I don't mind the wind howling through your open window as you leave at night
Because I fell in love with the thought of something more
Of a falling star falling far
From the rain clouds that billow blocking the moonlight
I know all
I know it all
I know them all
And I'm still here
Going nowhere
Waiting on your arrival here tonight
So I can hold you close
And let you feel the relief that I feel
Knowing that I love you
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 Vaka...    2004-06-25 14:47:37 ET
I am listening to Sigur Ros's "Vaka" and I feel something breaking inside of me... like that moment when you see something so beautiful that you need to cry but you can't so you are just left in this moment of feeling completely susceptible for the tears to stream from your eyes and everything that has ever been closed up inside of you is now bared and open... and it's terrifyingly reassuring that you can still feel... that you can still have moments when your heart can be penetrated by the most simplistic of events... and you are so ready for the walls to be shattered... for the reassuring hand of relief to come and usher you from so many sleepless nights and bring you into complete stillness with all the bitterness and all the anger and all the discontent.

But your tears have been dry for so long that the relief never comes and you just sit there wondering... wondering if you are still a human being... that you are still capable of having emotion because this feeling inside never comes out to the surface and you feel like you are merely a shadow... a grainy image of incomplete thought slowly disappearing.


 Something I have known for a while...    2004-06-09 17:07:21 ET
The people that hold you back are the people that make you fear life. So if they cannot build life in you then build against them. To breed positive thoughts you must have the negative but understand that the burdened heart is only burdened because it allows the anchor to be attached to it.

 FUCK YEAH!!!    2004-06-06 19:34:39 ET
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 So I know this...    2004-06-02 22:33:49 ET
Donnie Darko as you all know is being rereleased this Summer so I will definitely find a way to see that film. Oh and I saw Gus Van Zant's "Elephant" which was a very interesting movie as well.

tonight was the only bad movie I saw which was "The Day After Tomorrow" and that was just because Roland Emmerich can't write a decent screenplay to save his life but it made money so what can you do... and Jake Gyllenhaal was in it and he's my favorite.

I gotta support my boy.

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