2004-08-14 22:08:45 ET

Finally I revamped my page.. It has this whole rainbow theme now..
I dig it..

2004-08-12 13:09:27 ET

I decide my page needs revamping.
Hum but what to do..

2004-08-11 07:19:53 ET

Lately I hate my life
I hate everything lately
Music hasnt even been good to listen to.
I go through all my cds and find nothing
All trash
I need to get out of this funk.
I want my sister to feel better
I want Rikki not to be Homeless
I want Her to be around, I want to be around her more
I hate this
It sucks
I hate

2004-08-02 16:12:51 ET

My rat is not dead. :)
he seems to be getting better since i put him in a much warmer room..
he is still sick, probably phnomona. but he is getting better ish..
he has his energy back. woot.
I am going to Job Corps in the morning for the tour.
woo hoo.
things may just work out for me.

2004-07-26 08:33:23 ET

My rat is dying. :(
Im going to cry..
It will be with in a few days if not by tonight.
At least i can make him comfortable so he wont be in pain.
I dont want him to die.. But he is three years old. so its his time.


2004-07-25 13:47:53 ET

take the "why did you get in trouble?" test.

and go to mewing.net. because laura's been in trouble on the first day of kindergarten on.

why does laura hate you?


Guess what !!!!
2004-07-22 12:25:47 ET

Oh yeah..
My car even though its not the best..

PASSED EMMISIONS TESTING.. Woo hooo.. Now I donít have to drive on expired tags any more.. :)

2004-07-20 17:35:27 ET

I need to take new pictures all the ones on here are from last year, except for the one i hate..


I hate haveing flu like symptoms.. it better not be the fucking flu.. i have to get a job.

he he
2004-07-20 07:28:36 ET


2004-07-19 11:57:36 ET

I want to have the warm fuzzies about someone.
I want to have fun.
I want to fall in love at least once.

ramblings mild poem format. Written April 8th at 1:24am

I've never been in love
I donít know what it's like
I wonder if I want it
Or if I will ever find it
Maybe people like me werenít meant to fall in love
I don't really know
It hurts more than I let on
I wish I wasnít human
I wish I were just this
I want to be a robot
So I cant feel the hurt
I see people in love everyday
Itís hard to watch them
I just smile and go on with my day
Iím rhyming now but not for real
I feel as if I am missing pieces
Like I am just an unfinished puzzle
Maybe that some day someone
Will help me find all the pieces
Who knows for sure?
If some of the pieces even exist
I donít, you donít
Only God knows and he is not talking
At least not out loud for any one to hear
You never know what is there
Until you go looking for it
I suppose thatís how it works
Unfinished until the day you die
That day the last puzzle piece is added
Finishing you and life is done
I hope I find my pieces
I donít want to live forever
Just long enough to experience life
May be have children
And watch and see if they can do what they want.

from last year november

Living life so lost and scared
Feeling the need to be come prepared
Wanting to feel the freedom with in
Only to find the terror of where Iíve been
Soullessly wandering through the ruins of my life
Trying to find out how to defeat strife
Hating all of what I have become
Spinning so fast my body goes numb
Wondering when this will all end
Finding only no reason to bend
Living in fear of what must be
Realizing my only enemy is me
So what am I to you, friend or foe?
The question so simple, but never to know
Now this is the life I have chose to live
All to realize, that love is like a sieve
Forever forgotten in my bricked up heart
The wall Iíve built wonít allow us to start.


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