All moved in
2004-03-03 08:06:33 ET



2004-02-27 20:03:45 ET

I feel like shit. I should feel good I am getting out of this hellhole of a house i live in and things like that.
I am movingi have two days to pack, two days in which i work. BAH. but its all good. or it will be.
I signed my lease today. First one ever with out a co-signer. woot.. ;)

2004-02-17 18:59:44 ET

I am dating. :) woo hoo.
this guy named adam, he is nice.
and a damn good kisser..

2004-02-14 04:30:50 ET


Tis weird i am not bitter really. WOOT. i am accually in a good mood. wooo..

2004-02-10 07:21:40 ET

In 20 LONG YEARS i have never had any one on valentines..
I want a Special some one to share the VD day with but well i guess i am looking at another bitter year of no Good fun on valentines day.

Here's the thing
2004-02-03 09:41:10 ET

I am not doing well these days. I wish I could say different, but the truth is when pills start to look good not counting the normal amount for pain, it's not a good thing not at all.
I am just all weepy, and I know that its because I feel that I have a lot on my plate right now but it can only get better, and I have to think of that, must think that way or I wont be useful at all. My mom says that God wont give you more than you can handle, well why does God think I am so strong that I can deal with so much shit in this life. I have to start thinking that I can do this, or I wont make it, I will wind up in a hospital some where talking about the good old days with some 40 year old schizophrenic named Barbie. I don't know what to do, just keep going I guess. That is what I have to do to make it.
Keep the hope alive. Then maybe I can make it through the days.

2004-01-27 19:34:00 ET

I want to date
I want to have fun.
I wish guys wernt sucks asses, and i wish they would look past the fact that the puggyness and the excess fat are only part of me, that underneath that I am a real person . I have a brain, and some interesting qualitys.
if only they'd give a nother look.

2004-01-24 20:24:21 ET

Kill me now.
My car is dead,
today sucked ass.
40 minutes late for work.
headache, suff.

Doing Laundry
2004-01-17 09:51:36 ET

BUt not my own.. I am trying to be nice and wash his close, mostly because they smell. but yeah. Not only was it gross they are covered in car greese.. EWWWWWWW.. :) hahahaha..
Things you find in guys pockets.
One Socket wrench
one monkey wrench
one screw driver
one red sharpe
Four wrench bits
Three packs of matches
Two girls phone numbers
and a Paystub from his first pay check.

Plus, cigerette butts . but yeah

Fun with Quizilla.... right...
2003-12-30 10:06:50 ET

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