2003-07-18 19:24:59 ET

Bring the fun in.

2003-07-12 09:53:46 ET

Bored now.

so i will add this

you're punk!

How can I label you?
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Not really anything but thats close enough.. k..

Now hear this, Now hear this!
2003-07-07 10:54:12 ET

Oreos do not, I repeat do not taste the same, nor good, coming back up.

2003-07-06 18:46:26 ET

Ok. SO my last entry was just a quiz, i know lame. I was bored.. Any way. I am quite tired and bored. It would be great to sleep now but if i do i will wake up to early for my likeing..
Talk to you all later

Super bored Post
2003-07-06 18:35:11 ET

You're Soroity Slut Barbie! You're easy and you're
really cheesy! Have fun with the entire
football team.
If You Were A Barbie, Which Messed Up Version Would You Be?
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2003-07-06 18:22:45 ET

I hope My bud Amanda gets an account here.. I mean she used to have one, but was away when the whole copywrited things happened, and the TOS thing.. but now she is trying to get an account again.. I hope she gets it.. WOO.

2003-07-05 09:36:31 ET


It looks cloudy outside like it will rain, but its just SMOKE from the damned fires.. I wish that who ever started it feels horrid.. I mean i know it wasnt on purpous but damn, it looks really bad out side and the fires ahve burned like 600,000 acres already.. :( its no fun

2003-07-04 10:20:03 ET

I hate my life.
Gahd. my dad is being a butt. He dosnt mean to but thats what makes it worse, he keeps calling me a lesbian, saying things like "when you going to get a girlfriend". I mean i have no idea if i am a lesbian, and it wouldnt matter if I was its just my dad is being such an ass about it.

2003-06-29 09:59:33 ET

Its Dawn Go wish her a happy birthday

2003-06-28 07:35:06 ET

I just finished the second book in the I, Vampire series. The ending made me cry. I love books that fill me with so much passion that they make me have strong emotions like that. so, I, vampire, and The vampire papers are done, next the vampire princess, which i got via rikki who gave it to me be fore she moved. I Miss her so much.

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