2003-06-04 14:36:54 ET

Nobody believed the stories of the little people in the dark and forbidding forest, until they began to eat people! Now the frightened town of Caw's Mill is being devastated, and only government sociologist Gus Freeney (Robert Huntington) can save it! Enlisting the help of a local lumberjack (Dustin Gains), Gus sets out into the forest to discover why the little people have turned against their taller neighbors, and soon comes face to face with their queen, Amelda the Vertically Challenged (Dawn-Marie Jewell Caulfield) and her devious plan to destroy humanity! It's Gus vs. Amelda and the fate of humanity hangs in the balance! Catch Fallen Days today!

2003-06-03 08:47:32 ET

that is all

I miss
2003-06-02 15:33:07 ET

I miss rikki,
I miss jessica


I have my car back but the ac broke already, stupid leek. i find out wednesday if it can be fixed. ;( but its ok

It should be done
2003-05-28 18:58:07 ET

Well I guess that I should tell what has been going on.

I get my Car back tomorrow some time, havenít had it for a week or so.

Rikki, my best friend, and nonblood sister is leaving on Friday which makes me immensely sad. And it will be extremely difficult for me to deal with at first.

I have been writing a song, I was going to enter it in to a contest but the due date is Friday as well and its not finished so thatís out.

I need a job, and soon. I am moving out some time next month so really need income for rent and such.

Taking a year off college because I have to, to appreciate the value of it.
Wanting a boyfriend, or girlfriend or just dating. I need to make friends up here in the Tucson area other than my little sisters friends.

Feeling really depressed a lot more than usually but I will get over it.

And that is about it. So yeah, thatís about what has been going' on.


2003-05-20 20:18:16 ET

Its over.. My favorite show, Buffy the vampire slayer.. It is one of the indulgences i love. Its crazy.. but it was so great.. :)

2003-05-17 10:35:10 ET

I despise the summer.. Its hotter than friggen hell out side.. its over 100 already.. EEEEEEEe

2003-05-15 19:28:35 ET

Trying so hard to be happy.. not working though... i am not moving to tempe, amanda's mom dosent think i would "pay" the rent.. Just because i am doing this on my own, no money from my parents dosent mean i cant do it. and that piss' me off.. GAH.. so i will more than likely move out here in tucson, hey who wants to move here and be my room mate. haha.. well yeah..

2003-05-10 10:57:42 ET

Quoting song "It makes me mad, cause I wanna be happy, it makes me mad, cause I want to be happy so bad"

So mus depression.. fuckingdammitshitalltohell..

2003-05-08 09:20:50 ET

Simple web page nothing fancy just bored..

Ich bin weder gut noch, weder Engel noch Teufel schlecht.
2003-05-02 20:35:12 ET

I am such a unfocused freak.. eep.. but i will make it.. i just need to get my mide in gear. and learn what makes me tick.. I need to live. to be unshelttered.. I have not been away from my mom longer than two weeks my entire life and that two weeks i was with other familiy.. so yeah e gad.. ok..

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