2003-04-03 07:19:40 ET

I have this fury in my and there is not a reason why. i dont understand it. it is makeing me shake i am so angry. I am trying to find out what i am angry about but i simply cant.. i god.. egad... I want to cry.. but its so hard.. oh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... ok.. maybe venting will help... geesus.. aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggggg.

2003-04-02 17:56:17 ET

Well My grandparents are coming on saturday.. woo.. i havent seen them in a while.. i dont remember when i saw them.. last..
I am going to disturbed on the 12th woo hooo.. yaya

2003-03-22 20:02:36 ET

Well i have been in pajamas all day.. and it was great. i am going to bed in a few so yeah.. tis so grand. i did a lot of nothing today. it was a fun day.

2003-03-13 05:40:29 ET


2003-03-11 15:27:53 ET

WOO.. feeling slightly better sort of.. must make life better.. well thats what i have to do.. i am getting a job.. cleaning houses.. i will be working for the lady who cleans our house.. so its all good.. i will be making $55-$100 aday.. :) yay.. its so good.. so hum.. yeah.. cleaning other peoples houses when i dont even clean my room.. woo.. not much fun.. but it will be good.. :)

Well its my life
2003-03-11 10:16:48 ET

Well I am bored very much so.. I need to do my reasearch paper for Human Sexuality.. It was due last thursday.. GAH.. its on Women's Sexual Liberation.. so basicly the sixties.. haha.. well Life here is goin ok.. really.. maybe not.. but at least if i keep telling my self that it will be ok. so yeah..
My mom got the job she wanted.. WOO.. i am so happy for her. Its strange you know. how life can sift towards the good in an instent.. its great for her.. now i just need to get my ass on track for my other classes.. Art, Anthropology, Algebra, yeah those are the ones.. gah.. i need to put my ass in to gear for it.. i mean the first nine weekes is over and yeah.. i missed half the classes in those.. so yeah.. and i missed Ant today too.. i just couldnt bring myself to go.. :( it sucks.. My world is crappy but i can deal with that. I just need to keep going.. Life is the hardest thing any one will ever have to do.. and the strong people keep on going, and thats what I must doo..
I am just so sick and tired of school i mean 14 years.. Preeschool - 12 grade now my first year of college.. that makes 15.. egad.. well i need a year off or something i dont know.. something to make me appricate school more.. its just too easy for me not to show up.. i need to do somethign to motivate me to go.. its just hard you know..

well i am going to go.. i have yammered on for a while now. so yeah..

2003-03-06 06:15:44 ET


2003-03-03 17:02:40 ET



2003-02-26 18:00:21 ET

Its time for a change.. not sure of what yet. but i need a change, hair, clothes, life.. i dont know.. but it will be better when i find out right? i just need to do something with my life.. it makes me want to cry sometimes. i hate my life but then again some people have it worse than i have ever had in my life, its strange.. yeah i had it bad as a kid.. but i am doin fine now.. but gha.. just whinnie shit i am just rambling.. alright.. hum.. yes..

2003-02-26 16:16:11 ET

I've been thinking, and what i have come to the conclusion of is that i am ready to live on my own... Really ready. now all i need is a job.. hum.

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