Just a bunch for teenage ramblings ahead
2002-11-16 11:19:56 ET

Well now, i am in the blah mood, i hate myself. I know i know i shouldent but i do, and no i am not trying to get sympathy, but if wish to comment i say go for it, i mean if i didnt want people to know then i shouldnt write it on her eh.. any way thats the way it goes

I have been having really strange dreams again, mostly because of my meds, well thats the reason i remember them any way. Night before last i drempt i killed my self. It was scary only because i thought that i was over that part, but truly i am not, but i am trying to get better. Any way, Life eh.. Well its a big downer, but you know, it hopefully will get better, well at least i will try to keep telling myself that so i wont go down the crapper so fast anymore...

Well hum.. i realize when i rant like this it is mildly incoherent, or maybe its excesively? i dont know, but it is how i write when i need to just write for writings sake and for my minds sake, and sometimes i add inapropreate punctuation but oh well.. or sometimes none at all. and i spell increasingly bad when i get like this as well, oh well life goes on.. bye bye for now

Now in German everyone
2002-11-13 05:53:48 ET

Englisch 101 heute. Es ist kein Spaß, ich möchte nicht gehen, aber ich muß. Ich bin traurig, daß alle, die ich hörte, Blah blah blah, ich sind ein schmutziger Tramp ist.

Weekend funness
2002-11-12 18:48:59 ET

Well I havent written in a while so i am no dammit!!!

Last Wednesday: Picked up Rikki, super funness to follow.
Thrusday: Pop Sucks Concert, it was so great. Had a heck of a time.
Friday: Not much, went to Fourth with Rikki, Dawn and atina, that would have been fun but all fun was basicly 21 and older.
Saterday: did nothing, hum.. well we got rikki's wallet back and she got a free teashirt.
Sunday: Went to the mall With RIkki and Her mom.. She bought us lunch, had good times.
Monday: sick yucky.
Today: sick even more yucky..

Ok life goes on. i need a life here, i miss my sv friends, i need friends here..

its life as i know it
2002-11-06 05:27:07 ET

weird weird dreams..
though i dont remember them i am still thinking they were scary..
All i remember is the ocean.. and a surf board..
thats all.. its like flashes of those two. i dont know

any way.. its weird.. i am so tired..
any way..

Big dork ahead
2002-11-05 13:00:17 ET

Who wants me to write them a real letter? COme on you all know you want me too.. haha..
i am such a dork

2002-11-05 11:00:04 ET

aint he just so coot..

2002-11-04 15:08:27 ET

To link it (the actual code):

which gwen are you?

2002-11-01 10:23:48 ET

well Halloween was a tad boring.. really.. all i did was hand out candy to mobs of childern.. it was crazy.. I had to make a mad dash to get more candy because the kids were coming so much.. lots and lots of them.. THe most popular costume for girls was a Dead Chearleader. THen for boies it was Being a girl with boobs and everything.. it was amusing......... i was thinking, wow kids arent so bad then around 7:45 the kid just stoped showing up.. good thing.. because we were almost out of candy..
then i got to go to bed.. YAY.. it was later than after the kidss stoped coming.. but i was in my room reading for a few hours.. YAY..

~Crys (the evil side show freak)

2002-10-31 03:40:10 ET



2002-10-31 03:22:14 ET

Did any one know that there is nothing on Televison..
mostly at 5 am but tv is kinda boring any more

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