2002-08-04 15:42:05 ET

I am glad that we are moving and soon... Hum.. Yes.. i need to get out with my friends... I have not been out in like a week mostly by my choice... its weird but i need out now.. I want to hang with rikki and kelly and soon.. Yes soon... YAY.. i am so scared about going to college though.. i will do ok but i am still scared.. i wont know any one and yeah... its new and kinda scarry..

The loss of my soul
2002-08-01 20:47:43 ET

My tortured heart
Like a rainy day
I wish my sprit could run and play
My mind feels numb
Dont know what to do
My life is lost; it may have lots a screw
Should I give up?
Or should I preserver
Your not even listening, you can't even hear
I feel so empty
Hallow inside
I canít believe I even tried

well i told you i was perfect
2002-07-31 20:23:38 ET

Are you PINK or EVIL?!

Well now... lets get started
2002-07-31 19:56:01 ET

Hi all.. hows it goin? me just dandy.. except this damn bug eating me alive... gah.. i dont eve see it.. but i have bug bites on my arms neck, back, gah.. its creepy...
Currently listening to Silver Chair:Freak

no more maybes
your baby's got rabies
sitting on a ball
in the middle of the andes

yeah i'm a freak of nature
yeah i'm freak

if only i could be as cool as you
as cool as you

body and soul i'm a freak i'm a freak
body and soul i'm a freak

try to be different
well get a different disease
seems it's in fashion
to need the cold sore cream

i don't really know
how to put on a cool show
as boring as they come
just tell me where to go

if only i could be as cool as you


Such a good song... hum.. you know that song abuse me by silver chair.. my sister says it remindes her of me.. i guess because i just keep taking shit from people.. i dont know.. gah taht is why i am just glad i am moving a way from this town.. i mean yeah i will miss the few good friends i have.. but other thatn that.. this town can bite my white ass.. K.. :) love you doodz..


2002-07-30 19:42:53 ET

Life is just interesting right now... I am just in one of those moods where i am wondering why i am here.. you know the one.. Hum... I still wonder why people are such assholes in this town.. well not my friends.. well some of them.. but no.. In general people here are just butt monkeys trying their hardest to make other peoples lives a living hell.. HUm.. i wonder really i do.. will i turn out to be like that.. well i certinly hope not.. right now i just try to make things better...
I am excited though to get the hell out of this town.. I am just glad i will meat new people.. maybe ones that wont take my friendship for granted.. because that is a good thing... i am not saying all my friends do that.. because i have a few good friends here... and i am a better person for that.. :)

The life of me and junk
2002-07-29 20:59:19 ET

Well i am registered for college.. YAY...
I move some where after the 9th of next month... hum.. tucson.. hell in a bigger package..
hum.. i need to find some um... boitoys there.. i dont need a relationship right now.. and as julie says i should find a lover.. that could be a good good thing... right??? hum.. i dont know... i just am tired of this town right now...
bradley barely speaks to me.. i thought things were turing around when he, not I.. but he email me first.. to appologize... we had a fight.. but he was the one to appologize.. why do i love such an idot? i dont know really.. life seems to piss me off most of the time it does... but goddammit bradley you need to realize i am not going to wait forever...
do you think he will relize it.. i doubt it.. he only wants me when i am not avible.. what is up with that.. i dont get him any more.. but dammit i am in love with him... ok .. enough for ranting.. bye bye
Im kinda tired so i am going to bed....

2002-07-28 14:08:21 ET

Guess what my account is back.. i am so excited.. i was sad missing all yoiu doods..
Any way.. iam so tired.. and i just wanted to make an entry since i have my account back..

Gah.. and spiders too :)
2002-07-18 21:19:31 ET

Well i did not get to go take my College placement test today.. bah.. but i will next week.. i really need to do it cause i need to get classes.. damn the college not being in town.. oh well..
Ok.. man i need to make more friends.. I mean i love the ones i have.. but they are always busy with other people.. and i feel like a third wheel.. sometimes any way.. I am so tired.. i dont eve have a reason to be.. maybe i am coming down with something.. its possible the flu and strep is going around.. man i hope i dont get strep i have not had that since i was a little kid.. I think i am amune to it.. i hope i am i used to get it all the time..
I want a nother tattoo.. i am getting my tounge peirced when my sister gets back cause she is my peircer.. she works at a tattoo parlor.. :) yaya... she is good.. and i trust her.. hum.. i am so tired.. i want to go to bed but i cant.. my dad is pointing at stuff.. i dont know why... hum.. he was flicking my head.. ouch..
he thinks he is funny .. but he is just a butt head.. but i love him he is a cool dood!.. :)smile and have lots of fun guys.. love you all

2002-07-17 07:23:49 ET

What obscure band are you?

More on Shounen Knife:

Okay.... take the Buzzcocks, throw out the angst, add some 50s surfing tune undertones, and throw in it an absurdly cute and very japanese girly container, and you have Shounen Knife!
This group is comprised of 3 Japanese ladies and makes very fast paced, cute-punk. Girliest punk you will ever hear. Good stuff! :D

They did some tunes for the Powerpuff Girls too, if you must know.


Life or something simillar to what life seems to be? i think
2002-07-16 19:11:46 ET

Well i decide that i am going to dye my hair a red color or something... I am going to go buy the dye tomorrow after i finish my room cleaning.. :) cause yeah my room needs to be cleaned.. First laundry then trash then pack.. sounds like a plan to me...I need to go buy two cds tomorrow too.. because i am never going to get them back from a certian some one.. damn them.. well they are Sublime, and Orgy.. :( i want my cloths back.. but i never will get them back.. cause yeah.. i just know her.. dammit all the the place we call hell....
Hum.. yes.. i should go buy my bass.. i have 300 dollars or so.. maybe i should.. but then i couldnt buy my hairdye or cds.. hum.. i dont know.. amanda will say buy the bass.. but i dont know..
I love rain
I am tired
i need smokege..
Yes.. and more writing.. i need to work on my poetry.. and art.. yes yes i do..
:) bye bye

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