George Carlin is funny
2002-07-15 15:12:49 ET

"I like the fact that rap musicians are murdering each other. I don't have a problem with rap music. It's just that I like the idea of celebrities killing each other. Wouldn't it be great of Dan Rather snuck up on Tom Brokaw during the news and stabbed him in the head? Or imagin Julie Andrews putting rat poison in Liza Minnellie's triple vodka when she gets up to take a shit at Sardi'd. Here's a great one: Richard Simmons and Louie Anderson grab Rosie O'Donnell and choke her to death. It's just fun to think about, isn't it?"
George Carlin
Napalm and Silly Putty

Well ok.. and junk
2002-07-15 12:30:15 ET

I miss Jessica.. alot.. hum..
Well i have not been doing much.. basicly staying home.. I want to get my tounge peirced.. I mean yeah.. that could be fun.. :).. i dont know.. i am just all ugh.. I Wonder.. Should i get my tounge peirced.. ?? i dont know.. i am just all blah.. i dont know what the hell is wrong with me.. i want to cry... but i dont.. and i have not cried just because in a long time... damnit.. i for got my meds.. the twingles will start soon.. must go take them.. gah
Ok i took them only 5or 6 hours late.. gah.. ok...i am really rambling... i wonder if you guys understand what i am talking about.. hum...

2002-07-13 20:56:46 ET

Well.. I am just bored.. I dont know what to write but i figured that you doodz should get something great.. hum.. any way.. i am so sick,, i dont know what is wrong with me... i am tired and shit.. which is normal for me but i am even more tired than i usually am.. hum.. yes.. My dad is watching a movie called requiem for a dream.. it is crazy this old lady is on a diet and the doc per her on some pills and they are making her all crazy like.. now there is some porn going on.. its weird... hum... now the old lady is trying on a dress.. and it fits.. hum.. it did not fit before.. and she is waisting away.. hu... it will be crazy... hum..
i need to go buy some more cds.. YAY.. ;)k.. i will talk to people later

2002-07-10 21:18:07 ET

YAY!! i got a tattoo.. not my spider yet.. but i got a best friends thing with Jessica.. this way we will never forget eachother... it is a little star... sort of like a pentical.. but its not quite... I am excited... as soon as i get pictures i will put them up so you all can see.. its so pretty.. its a little one about the size of a halfdollar.. maybe a little smaller.. but its so pretty and cute.. YAY.. ok jess is still leaving on friday.. i will miss her terribly... Love you all

2002-07-09 18:52:05 ET

My best friend is leaving on friday... she dosent know when she will be back.. but before she is back i will have moved.. :( i am going to miss her so much.. and if i dont get to keep in touch with her.. i will never leave my house.. i will just cry.. I love her so much.. but she does need to do this...

2002-07-08 17:28:30 ET

finally we have rain... YAY.. we needed it so bad here.. and now its just raining.. YAY.. i love rain.. its great... :) i miss washington

Everything is changing every where i go
2002-07-07 19:34:03 ET

Well i am so Irritated with the world we live in.. Full of murder and rape... why are we our own distruction... ?? well living in a world where everyone is supposed to love thy neighbor it gets your hopes up as a kid.. i wish when your little your parents sat you down and said "honey the world is full of hate, and we enjoy it!".. it would be easier to realize when your young rather than get your hopes up and then just seeing the world you know.. its shit... and if you are told that early on then you would not have such a hard time when you find it out.. yeah it is great when your so small so nieve`.. but it fades in to a bitter bitter life that you must live inorder to get the hell out oneday..

If life doesnt kill you THE WORLD WILL!!!
2002-07-06 18:38:33 ET

Wellnow.. here i am at home as usual.. As soon as i am ungrounded I will have a life again. I am so broed its not even funny.. oh god Bring it on is one stupid yet strangly intrancing movie.. What is with that.. hum..
War, torture and shit going on in the world.. hum.. Yeah.. I am so sick of people think ing they are better then everyone else.. No one is really better than anybody.. hum.. we are all made up of the same carbon based material.. Wow.. Humm.. hehe..
I dont know what i am saying.. GAH!!

That was interesting
2002-07-06 12:23:50 ET

you're the devil. sort of. i mean, you live in heck. and torment people. hehe. go you.

Take the test, by Emily.


2002-07-05 21:51:41 ET

Any way.. hum.. Yes i am just as bored as can be... I just finished a can of cherry coke.. yum.. hum.. I have to clean my room.. Moving soon.. in like 20 days.. I need to pack.. but first the room must be clean.. then i will pack my books.. and then other junk.. yes .. books first though.. i have alot of them.. then my nicnacks.. and then cloths cause i need stuff to wear till i move... Then i will pack them.. load crap on to a van or truck or what ever the hell we are moving our junk to our new house in.... and move there.. and get cds and steiro unpacked asap.. cant live with out music... YAY..
I need a boifriend... or a boi toy.. but i want love i guess.. and i have never felt that not really.. i mean i am in love with bradley but he left me.. here in this hell hole of a town.. i miss him

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