2002-07-04 19:42:24 ET

Pretty pretty fire works... just got home from them!! YAY... it was weird.. usually we go as a family, but it was just my dad and I this year... but it was still fun.. :) we talked about science as usual cause thats just what we talk about ... and life... which is just great.. My dad is a wise man.. he helps with junk that i need help on.. and yeah science is great

Te he
2002-07-04 16:32:33 ET

Ok still bored...
curently listening to Staind... Even though rikki calls them Emo Metal.. or Rock emo... i had no fucking clue what hte hell emo was till rikki called me it and i asked... she was joking.. but yeah.. i am not emo..
Any way... i am so not looking forward to the Fireworks.. for the love of god..i mean.. our state is on fire... today is full of high wind conditions and they want to have fireworks.. **rolls eyes**... any way... i wonder what every one is up to on this fine holliday...
sarcasim.. YAY.. i live for Facetiousness... ok hum. yes and stuff.. :) big smiles every one.. :D
bye bye

I dont think thats me.. Do you think thats me????
2002-07-04 15:12:25 ET

find your element


For the love of ... GAH!!!
2002-07-04 15:05:59 ET

Well hello.
Welcome to my world of super fantastic boring thoughts
I have been wondering if any on else gets as bored as i do..
I bet they do
I mean its not that un Common, is it?
I wonder... :) big grin and junk...
BY ebye

2002-07-03 18:57:53 ET

Hum. YAY... I am so bored. I want to just off the roof. Cause its only a one story house so all that will happen is a few bruises.... so that would not be fun cause I dont have a parachute so I cant go parasailing. YAY. I want to. From the back of a jeep or something, that could be fun. I like fun. Hum… I am bored out of my mind.. J yay.. it is no fun bing bored.. Hum.. really it is not… I don’t know what else to say…
Being grounded sucks..

Hum... BAH!!
2002-07-03 16:24:10 ET

Ok... I hate being grounded.. >:| it sucks.. really hard core.. I mean i am 18 and stuck at home... all the time for a week.. GAH... its is gunna suck for a long time.. :) hum...
I cant move out cause i am not ready for that.. :) wo wo wo wo .. blah and junk... ok i am bored. and this is boring.. welll what i am writing.. :) wya:)

2002-07-03 13:55:18 ET

1 comment

2002-07-02 20:58:26 ET

We never made it to warped tour... a bunch of strange events kept happening... First Amanda had to do stuff.. so we planed on being late... Well brenna was already upset cause her best frend since 6th grade was being desetful... ok so she missed her favorite bands because amanda had to take her placement test for college.. then Brenna and I were sitting in the heat for 2 hours and we got really sick feeling... hum... then she wanted to go home... So bre called her boyfriend... and he was going to drive 3 hours just to pick her up at Our aunts house... ok... so we droped her off at my aunts house... So amanda and I set off to the show... and the fucking weirdest thing happenens...
The back window of her car flew out.. it just fell out... The glue melted and the window was gone... just gone... so we pulled over and called my aunt... and her and brenna came and rescued us on the side of the road... so yeah we just came home... It was just a big omen, that we were not ment to go to the concert... Hum.. so we are all three out 32 bucks.. but you know what it was quite a day!!

2002-07-01 10:45:17 ET

YAY!!! i am going to the warped tour... YAY.. i am leaving to day.. cause it starts at 11 in the morning tomorrow.. and we are gunna say the night in pheonix... :) YAY... i am just uber excited cause i love doing fun stuff.. My Older sis is comming.. YAY... it will be cool... I mean we are only 1 year one month and 2 days apart.. :P no i do not know the minutes hours ext.... YAY... i am so excited my legs are shaking.. :) yay.. cause its so rare for me to be able to do uber fun stuff like that./... Yay

More intense thinking
2002-07-01 08:53:12 ET

Why do we make things better if the world is getting worse..? My life’s goal is to make the world better.. I want to be a biologist, and lately I have been thinking why would I want to help when the world is still going on a down ward loop making ups and downs... When the ups come you want to think the world is better... but it really isn’t... but I still want to try.. I have to.. For our futures. Damn. I think about stuff like that allot.. I cant sleep at night because I think out people dying in other countries and right here in the US.. the pain everyone goes through every day seems endless. Why cant we just stop the distruction.. ? Why? I just dont understand the self destructive path human beings put themselves on... Why can’t we have a constructive path and make everything better...

My head feels quite painful ... damn headaches... IB profen is in need.. See more things meant to help, but people just overdose on them and kill them selves... hum.. Ok I am done with that... more time to think later.. I need to get rid of the pain...
Oh and I need a cigarette.. :) Thank you all for listening/reading my thoughts!

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