2002-07-01 07:52:21 ET

I finally got my pictures up.. but the sad thing is the quality is really poor.. :'(.. damn scanner... should have just brought my digital cam.. oh well... ok bye bye

2002-06-30 13:35:39 ET

hum.. hey dudes... i am so bored..
Hum.. I am glad that i could get on.. I love conversing with you all...
HEHE.. i sound desprate... hum.. YAY... yay yay... ok by ebye

WHAT THE *#$% and stuff
2002-06-29 22:59:39 ET

I feel my heart beating in my throat... itís beating really fast... I dont get it... maybe I am just tired... or something along those lines... I need to write more.. I have been neglecting my wondrous leather bound journal... :( I dont know what to do... I really wanted to go to MCC but instead I let my mummy and dauddy talk me in to staying home for school so I wont have to have a job... I mean I love the fact that I will be close to them... I love my family more than anything... especially myself which I think is why I would do anything for any of them... but I really wanted to move out and have independence... I have only had like one real job and I got "forced termination" or what ever ... So I am going to Pima Community College.. And moving to Tucson next month with my family... itís going to be hard to leave my sorry ass town.. But I will be also quite glad to go. I dont know why my mind has been wondering so much lately.. I am worried about the world... we are self districting creatures and we are killing ourselves...
Why canít we all just learn that the world is the way it is because we make it that way..? And why can't we just learn that if we stop killing ourselves that everything will be better...
We live in a horrible place, why must we make it worse by creating more havoc?
Well I am going to stop writing in this and write in my journal here at home..
I love you guys

2002-06-29 13:22:49 ET

Ok so i am back in sv... who missed me????? i kn0w you all did... really... i just know it.. hum... yes... i am tired... havent sleept well in 4 days so yes sleep is much needed.. YAY... saw my aunt... she is so fun... she just came back from bulgaria... it was a fun experence she said.. she brought family presents.. i got rose oil and someting from the vadican (sp) you know the thing in rome.. it is really pretty.. but i am not catholic.. well neither is she she just thought they were pretty... ok.. yes they are pretty.. she is adopting a daughter from Bulgaria.. i think her name is ramie... she is beautiful... hum.. yes that is about it... i am just waiting for my fam to come home.. cause they were gone when i got here.. so i am all by my self... **tear** oh well i will live but i am going to take a nap cause yes sleep is good!!! bye bye all i know you missed me...
Love you guys

2002-06-28 09:53:17 ET

Well i went to a really cool punk show last night... it was great... the club was called the buzz... and it was not like those crapy bands who do blink and crap... it was great... i am going again in 2 weeks... not next week but hte week after...
After the punk show we went to dennys where amanda proceeded to get hit on by drunk rich scottsdale doodz... it was fun she even got this hot guys number... yay...
Ok back to the show... hum... this one band Victim 26 was full of really yummy guys... i was ingrossed in the music then i looked up it was just great... YAY

2002-06-27 10:32:11 ET

ok i went appartment hunting with amanda to day... the apartments she is looking at for real... well they are fucking awsome... i want to move here.. but i told my mommy that i will stay at home for a year :'( but i will live... plus i love her... so its all good... HUM>.. i wonder if i will move here next year... that could be cool...

2002-06-26 11:00:51 ET

the wonderful wizard of oz... hehe... hum... i think the smell has gotten to me... heheeh... woop woop... hehe ahah... the wonderous dooby room... poor andy(doobyboi now) so yes i found two playboys in his bathroom... i found it amusing cause till then i thought doobyboi was gay... hum... man my gaydar must be on the frits... hum... HE LIVES IN THE PURPLE ROOM!!!!!!!! hum... tis funny no... and the wonderfun smell of this room is getting to AMANDA and I... hehe... we are giggling hehehehehe... oh god tis funny no? ok... i am going to crawl on the floor now... woop woop and la la... i dont know what i am saying but it is funny no? hehe... yes i love incoharent messeges.. dont you... ???? ok ... purple doobyboi.. yaya...YAY! well now... yes and junk yes

Oh yeah
2002-06-26 10:00:50 ET

Well now... i am in the dooby room!!!!!!! having fun... but not because of the doobies... i dont do drugs.....
So yes... i am still in the wonderous Pheonix yay!not its hot as a fucking HELL HOLE!!!!!! AND i am the one who wants to move here... what the hell was i thinking... bah !!!!!!!! any who... i am going to go visit my aunt yay... i want to see all her wonderous Bulgaria pictures.. yaya... ok... well yesd i must call her now... yes call her... YAYAYA...

bye bye for now
2002-06-25 05:28:49 ET

Leaving today.... going to pheonix dont worry i will be back saterday... yaya.... any way i am tired... i want to go to bed... tired must sleep :)

2002-06-24 14:28:45 ET

When life is what I want it to be I will call you
If I ever get what I want out of life I will talk to you
Do you even care who I am or what I want?
I donít think you do
Do I care what you think of me?
No I truly donít
Life is full of twists and turns
If you choose the right path
You may just get what you want
But if your like me eve when you get it you wont want it any more
Life seems like a big joke
And only pain for me
But some day I will see
That there is a true love for me

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