2003-08-18 11:32:14 ET

I really like Steve Ignorant. He's got a beautiful voice.

I'm moving in two weeks and haven't packed shit. I'm the type of mover that likes to spend a whole fucking day working at it. I don't do well with the 'bit here-bit there' style of moving, though that would seems more logical. No...actually, my preference is to do some meth and just go ballistic on moving. Yeah yeah...I'm a disgusting arsehole, but I'm an HONEST disgusting arsehole...that's what sets the D apart from the rest.

A bit unfortunate that the LSD-MONSTER who lives next door to us is moving at the same time as we are. I wanted her to feel how peaceful it is not to have a couple of nocturnal fuckheads living right next door, but oh well.

(LSD MONSTER: a human who attacks with odd intrusions whilst their victim is innocently dosed-up on psychadelics. Often they will knock on your door at unordinary hours and ask for wierd shit. If an LSD MONSTER does happen to find you, do not look it in the eyes, for it shall steal your soul.)

I'm gonna try to hook up my scanner and scan some pics. Oh yeah, I'm getting a bad-ass refund from some fuck-face company who charged me for some Christian books. See, I agreed to help some kid out buy submitting an order for some books, then cancelling the order right away. Well, I guess the chump put me down for two orders. One got cancelled, the other went through. After I wrote them a rather nasty email, they've agreed to refund my money and the cost for shipping these books back. THE REFUND SHOULD BE SOMEWHERE AROUND $400!!!! YEAH MUTHAFUCKA!!!!!!

So yeah, I'm happy. Peace y'all!

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2003-08-16 00:33:06 ET

"Pablo Picasso's never been called an 'asshole.'"

I don't like to think or hear or see or feel the same thing again and again and again. I like variety. I like distinction. I like innovation, though I don't think everything needs to be scientifically/mathmatically/economically innovative in order to be worth-while of sensere appreciation and/or personal identification. Or illumination. Or realisation. Or hesitation.

I wanna know what I put in my mouth before I eat it.

So....errrr....I'm totally not making sense. It's like 'mommy, can I go out and be confused about everything without the assitance of hallucinagenic/psychotropic drugs tonight?'

Hmmm...haven't smoked a cigerette in 8 days. That ain't shit. There's much more to think about than that stupid Philip-Morris character. Fuck all this pollution.

Nevertheless, I wish you a good-night, and I mean that. Good, nice, calm, peaceful, tranquil, settled night. Sleep gentle.

2003-08-13 07:32:11 ET

(Yo, there were pictures here, but I felt really wierd displaying them like so, so I took them off. I'm shorry if this offends anybody's body)

Yo...a co-worker has got me totally saying "thurr" and "hurrr," all 'cause that one fucking Chingy song! Thank God for Chingy! Thank God for Nelly! Thank God for St. Lunatics! I mean, without Chingy and Nelly, who would keep the party Crunk? I mean, seriously...who'd be up in the club splashing nude female bodies with the crizz? Seriously, I mean, you know...

"it's gettin' hot in here, so take off all your clothes!" -Nelly.

I mean, I've never EVER been to a club that didn't have fly-ass bitches dancing on table-tops pouring beer and champagne all over themselves. Yo, I walk into a club smoking a spliff, and you damn right I expect to see some bitch-ass immediately. No time to waste...just show me the naked ladies spilling alcoholic beverages all over themselves! If I need anything else, I'll holla at you!

Whoa...I need to go to bed! I'm talking complete nonesense (though I do hope there is at least one of you that can understand and relate to what I'm sayin...)

Wait...should I go to bed? Uh-oh! The limbo-stage! "Should I just say 'fuck it' and stay up all day long, or should I pop a Xanax and pass out in 20 minutes?" Decisions.

Peace y'all.
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